Free Ultrasound Training on the GE Logiq e Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine

One of the best-selling portable ultrasound machines on the market today remains the GE Logiq e. It’s versatile and always a “safe bet” when purchasing an ultrasound machine.

Although the Logiq e is supposed to be user-friendly, some things are not simple. It can be a complicated piece of equipment, especially when you’re looking into the system utilities, exporting, or connecting to a network.

The GE Logiq e basic ultrasound training series will help you understand one of the best portable ultrasound machines, how it works, and its semi-complicated workflow.

Complete Logiq e training series:

Part 1: Getting Started with the GE Logiq e
Part 2: 2D Imaging with the Logiq e
Part 3: Logiq e Measurements and Reports
Part 4: Doppler and M-Mode Imaging
Part 5: Exporting and Connectivity with the Logiq e
Part 6: Logiq e Setup and Customization

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