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Medical Printer Paper

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Medical Printer Paper

Probo Medical provides a diverse range of medical printer paper including ultrasound paper, ECG paper, thermal paper, and more. Our thermal papers are designed for use with professional medical-grade printers from popular brands including Sony and Mitsubishi.

Ultrasound Paper

Ultrasound machines require a specific type of paper for printing images. This synthetic paper incorporates a thermal layer onto which the image is transferred. Explore our range of ultrasound papers to find the best fit for your machine.

ECG Paper

ECG paper, specifically designed for electrocardiograms, must meet stringent requirements for ink adhesion, durability, and clarity to accurately record cardiac activity. Buy ECG paper directly from our site with a few easy clicks.

Criteria for Thermal Paper and Different Types

When selecting medical printer paper, several qualities need consideration, which may vary based on your printing requirements and the intended duration of image storage.

Printer Compatibility

Ensure that your thermal paper is compatible with the printer connected to your ultrasound machine or ECG machine. Different printers have specific features and settings that may require matching materials. For instance, if you own a Sony or Mitsubishi ultrasound printer, you’ll need paper that seamlessly integrates with it.For further assistance in selecting the appropriate paper or printer for your specific requirements, feel free to reach out to us here.