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The Mindray TE5 is a portable touchscreen portable ultrasound machine that can be applied for Emergency, Orthopedic, MSK, Pain Management, General Imaging, and Small Parts. The Mindray TE5 for sale has a small footprint cart and a slim build that make it easily transportable from room to room to scan patients as a bedside ultrasound. The tablet-like touchscreen allows clientitians to swipe, pinch, tap, and slide their way through imaging and exams quickly as well as accessing controls and image area for general use more easily, especially with its active probe ports that make it easy to switch between different probes without the need to reconnect-and-disconnect. This machine is available New with a 5-year warranty from Probo Medical.

Key Features

The Mindray TE5 tablet-style ultrasound machine is an excellent point-of-care bedside ultrasound with the following standard and optional features:

  • iBeam (Spatial Compound Imaging)
  • iVocal Voice Control
  • iNeedle & eSpacial Navi (Needle Guidance)
  • Programmable “Button” Transducer
  • iClear (Speckle Suppression Imaging)
  • Transducers up to 20MHz
  • 15” HD touchscreen
  • 128GB Solid State Hard Drive

The Mindray TE5 meets the needs of today’s demanding environments with its intuitive touch enabled design and enhanced image quality, making it a choice ultrasound for use across a wide range of clinical applications.

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Mindray TE5 Ultrasound Review

The Mindray TE5 is a solid portable touchscreen ultrasound that is most often found as a bedside Point-of-Care ultrasound machine. We tend to recommend it for its ease-of-use, image quality, and intuitive features. As with other Mindray products, it has excellent Needle Guidance software, with the TE5 featuring its second-generation technology for needle guidance.

We like the TE5 for its price and performance. The 5-year warranty included when purchased from Probo makes it a pretty simple choice when compared to other touchscreen Point-of-Care ultrasound machines.

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