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Probo Medical for Imaging Centers

Probo Medical has the largest inventory of refurbished shared service ultrasound systems.
ge logiq s7 for sale
Ultrasound System comparisons by Probo Medical sonographers

The Clear Choice for Ultrasound Systems, Service & Repairs

As a team that shares your passion for high-quality imaging, we also understand how important it is to keep your equipment costs down—which is why we’re proud to offer diagnostic imaging equipment at a fraction of the manufacturer’s price. Our licensed sonographers compare systems side-by-side to provide our sales staff with the tools to consult you on making the best purchasing decision for your ultrasound machine. From helping you stay competitive with our extensive supply of new or refurbished machines, to maximizing your return on investment with fast repairs, training and service, Probo Medical is a partner you can rely on when it matters most.

Refurbished Ultrasound Systems ready to ship

Rent an Ultrasound System From Probo

Whether you're testing the value of adding a new system to your business or a student who needs practice with ultrasound equipment, you can rent it from Probo Medical, at a price you can afford for as long as you need.

Repairs and Service for Imaging Centers

Helping you minimize downtime and gain peace of mind.

Applications and Service Training

Maximize the use of your equipment.

Whether you recently purchased a new system from Probo Medical or are looking to train new employees on your equipment, our training experts are ready to help.

Probo Medical Virtual Ultrasound Applications Training