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Service Training

Get repair training classes taught by Probo’s highly experienced Service Engineers.
Ultrasound Service training class

2023 Probo Medical Training Schedule

MonthBasic Class DateSystem Class Dates
January: 17-19Basic Ultrasound 17thEpiq / Affiniti: 18-19th
February: 21-23Basic Ultrasound 21stVoluson E8: 22-23rd
March: 14-16Basic Ultrasound 14thLogiq E9 / E10 Vivid E95, E90, E85: 15-16th
April: 11-13Basic Ultrasound 11thSiemens S1000, S2000, S3000: 12-13th
May: 9-11Basic Ultrasound 9thEpiq / Affiniti: 9-10th
June: 13-15TBD
July: 18-20TBD
August: 15-17Basic Ultrasound 15thEpiq / Affiniti: 16-17th
September: 12-14Basic Ultrasound 12thVoluson E8/ E10: 13-14th
October: 17-19Basic Ultrasound 17thLogiq E9 / E10 Vivid E95, E90, E85: 17-19th
November: 14-16TBD
December 5-7Basic Ultrasound 5thEpiq / Affiniti: 6-7th
Ultrasound Service Training Class at Probo Medical

Get Hands-On Repair Experience

Attend onsite or on-the-go classes from the experts at Probo.

Whether you’re a biomedical engineer or just someone looking to fix an ultrasound system, our training classes will provide you the hands-on experience you need to repair units. Our service team holds a minimum of 15 years of experience in ultrasound service and hosts classes in Tampa, Florida, to keep you fluent in the newest systems and empower you to fix system issues on your own. Additionally, we can set up personalized training experiences in a location of your choice.

  • All the system courses are two days in length.
  • All system courses will be preceded by an optional Basic Ultrasound class, 1 day in length.
  • Generally, the courses are going to be Tuesday Basic Ultrasound, Wednesday/Thursday System Course. This allows for travel on Monday/Tuesday and Friday
Probo Medical Training

Customer Reviews

Overall the entire training experience was quite satisfactory. Staff and faculty was very welcoming. All questions were given 100% effort in regards to response. The offering of continued support was great. No complaints. John was awesome! Thank you for his time.
– Norman I. Voluson Training Course

John Zentz was extremely knowledgeable and patient. He provided education to the entire team. He won over our Physician who has not wanted to work with this new equipment. He encouraged our Sonographer to pursue further education and certification. We are also going to work with Probo Medical for our yearly PM’s.
-Applications Training

Hobie’s knowledge of the product was great. His class management with time and hands-on training kept the class engaged. Thank you!

–Chad, Basic US & Epiq/Affiniti

This helped me feel more confident in being able to service the unit when needed.
– Rana H. Epiq Training Course

Hobie was amazing!! Very helpful and very knowledgeable. Hope to have additional training with Hobie in the future.

–Matt, Basic US & Epiq/Affiniti

Instructor is very knowledgeable and I have learned a lot more than what I know now. This will definitely help me to narrow a problem down and fix it.
– Voluson Training Course Attendee

Hobie was an excellent trainer/teacher. I would and hopefully will take another training class with Probo Medical.

–Joshua, Basic US & Epiq/Affiniti

Let Us Know Which Class You Are Interested In

Call 317-759-9210 or fill out our contact form to schedule your training today.