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Mindray Resona I9T


Call to configure, special pricing available 317-759-9210

Probo Medical is an Authorized distributor for Mindray North America

The new Mindray Resona I9T ultrasound for sale is a top-rated shared service ultrasound machine that competes with advanced systems from GE, Philips and Siemens. The price of the I9T makes it an affordable mid-advanced full body ultrasound machine versus refurbished systems from the major manufacturers. Its advanced ergonomic design, workflow, and image quality makes it a true competitor to refurbished mid-upper range ultrasound systems. The I9T is equipped with many innovative features that make this machine stand out. These innovations allow the user to gain in-depth insights into complex clinical scenarios and optimize patient care through its enhanced usability and ergonomics. The Resona I9T will provide its user with extreme image clarity, intelligent solutions, and diagnostic confidence when scanning.
Probo Medical sells the Mindray Resona I9T new with 5-year warranty.

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The Mindray Resona I9T has the following key features equipped on this ultrasound:

  • ZONE Sonography® Technology+ (ZST+)
  • Intelligent iConsole control panel
  • 23.8” LED monitor with high-resolution display
  • 15.6” HD intuitive touchscreen
  • Innovative Stiffness Assessment: HiFR STE
  • Shear Wave Elastography (SWE)
  • Sound Speed Compensation (SSC)
  • Glazing Flow
  • Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS)


Our expert sonography team spent weeks testing and evaluating the I9T, which included on-site demos and many live scanning situations. For nearly every study, the I9T received high marks for a mid-to-upper range console ultrasound machine in this price range. Added bonus: the I9T is available new with a 5-year warranty, which provides tremendous value over similarly priced ultrasounds from major manufacturers.

For general radiology, the I9T competes well with the refurbished GE Logiq E9 2.0 with XD Clear and the Philips Epiq 7G ultrasound machines, two refurbished ultrasounds at a similar price. The Resona I9T is considered a better machine than the Philips Affiniti, and our techs state that this should be the go-to ultrasound machine for vascular labs seeking the best non-premium ultrasound machine. It’s workflow made vascular studies fast and easy, providing a very efficient and pleasant experience.

Our tests with 3D/4D OB/Gyn studies revealed images that were considered “beautiful” by our OB sonographers. It competes well with the GE Voluson E6, Voluson E8, and earlier (ie: BT16) versions of the Voluson E10.

The Resona I9T is equipped with an upgraded processor, overall better ergonomics, and multiple probe options for scanning. There are 4 single-crystal probes available, as well as two 3D/4D probes and a cardiac TEE. 

When you are comparing this ultrasound machine to its competitors in the Mindray lineup, the Resona I9T is considered advanced version of the Mindray DC-88. As for the capabilities of the I9T, it has ZST, more probe options, and a faster processor for an all-around better system than the DC-88. 

The Resona I9T is one of our top choices system because it is available new and has higher-end technologies at a great price, excellent image quality, strong reliability.

You can find the Mindray Resona I9 ultrasound brochure below. Probo Medical has a large inventory of Mindray owner’s manuals and brochures, so call today and ask for more information.

Download the Mindray Resona I9 Brochure View PDF

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