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Ultrasound Machines, Probes, Parts and C-arms

Choose a machine or use one of our filters below to learn more about our new and refurbished ultrasound machines and C-arm equipment for sale.
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Mindray is a company that manufactures and sells ultrasound machines. According to the information provided in the web search results, Mindray offers innovative, leading-edge, and accessible ultrasound machines that are designed to empower healthcare professionals to provide the highest quality of care. [1]The web search results mention several Mindray ultrasound machines, including Resona R9, Resona I9, Resona 7, and X-Insight. The Resona R9 is a premium ultrasound system for radiology, the Resona I9 is a diagnostic ultrasound system and the Resona 7 is a general ultrasound system. The X-insight is a ultrasound system designed for liver care. [2]The search results also mention that Mindray offers portable ultrasound machines that are designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s fast-paced and demanding healthcare environment. These portable ultrasound machines are designed for easy scanning and easy transitions from department to department and exam to exam. They come in durable hand-carry designs to intuitive, touch-enabled ultrasound machines that can fit into any clinical setting. [3]Mindray ultrasound machines are known for their innovative technology, advanced capabilities, and ease of use. They are designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals in various clinical settings and provide high-quality images.