SonoSite is known for its durable and portable ultrasound systems. Each of the company’s ultrasound systems stay true to their pillars of design:  durability, reliability, and ease of use. Directed at the point-of-care market, SonoSite’s portable ultrasound systems are very popular for sonographers because of these pillars, and the SonoSite Edge and SonoSite Edge II are no exceptions to this. With the Edge being the pinnacle of portable & durable ultrasound when it was released in 2011, the Edge II, even more, exemplified these core competencies when it was released 5 years later. Read below to learn about what each iteration of the SonoSite Edge has to offer, as well as the differences between the two.


The SonoSite Edge is a fifth-generation point-of-care ultrasound system following in the footprints of its successful portable predecessor’s like the SonoSite 180, MicroMaxx, and M-Turbo. The Edge was an improvement on these previous systems, with a noticeably larger screen and enhanced image quality. It could boot up in under 20 seconds, and its magnesium shell and aluminum core hold true to SonoSite’s tradition of system durability.

SonoSite’s Edge also comes with improved features you’ve come to love from SonoSite, including:

  • SonoHD2 2nd Generation
  • SonoADAPT
  • SonoMB
  • Advanced Needle Visualization
  • ColorHD Technology

Applications available on the SonoSite Edge include Anesthesia, Critical Care, Cardiology, Cardiovascular Disease Management, Emergency Medicine, Musculoskeletal, Ob/Gyn, Radiology, Vascular, Surgery, Shared Service, Women’s Health. In 2016, the Edge was updated to the Edge II with even more imaging enhancements.

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The SonoSite Edge II picks up where the Edge left off with even more improvements. The sixth-generation portable ultrasound system from SonoSite features an enhanced imaging experience through innovations like DirectClear and new Armored Transducer Cable Technology for even more durability.


DirectClear is a new feature on the Edge II that improves transducer penetration and contrast resolution while also sharpening detail resolution. It has the same applications available on the original Edge but adds Dual Imaging, Duplex Imaging, 2x pan/zoom capability, and Dynamic range & gain to its imaging arsenal.

The Edge II also features new and updated transducers available for use, including:


As you can see, the Edge and Edge II are very similar visually. However, while the screens are the same size at 12.1″, the Edge II’s screen is made out of chemically-etched glass, which allows for fewer adjustments during viewing, less glare, and more durability. The Edge II’s keypad is also sealed to the edge for greater liquid-resistance and easier cleaning. Storage-wise, while the Edge only has 8GB of onboard storage, the Edge II boasts 16GB’s of onboard storage, allowing you to store more images and clips to better serve your patients. The final major physical difference you’ll notice is that the user interface is slightly modified for greater efficiency and better ease-of-use.



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