The Mindray Vetus 50 veterinary ultrasound machine is a game-changer for entry-level color Doppler imaging in veterinary medicine. In our expert review, we highlight the features, benefits, and applications that make the Mindray Vetus 50 stands out as a top contender for veterinary systems in 2024.


High-quality imaging starting at the foundation:

The Vetus 50 includes Mindray's famous ZST+ platform. Shifting from traditional beamforming to channel data-based processing, the ZST+ platform paves the way for exceptional image quality across all veterinary imaging solutions. In conventional beam-forming technology, acoustic data is gathered line by line and then concentrated using a digital beamformer, utilizing only a fraction of the available data. However, with ZST+, a larger portion of the returning acoustic data set is captured and employed. This innovation brings several advantages, including expedited image processing which means significantly enhanced temporal resolution. Additionally, it ensures uniformity in image quality across the entire field of view, alongside improved spatial and contrast resolution. These advancements in imaging technology translate to superior-quality images and ultimately contribute to better diagnostic outcomes for your patients. In addition, the Vetus 50 includes ComboWave transducers with 3T technology. Mindray's special transducer technology utilizes a new type of composite piezoelectric material to optimize the acoustic spectrum while reducing acoustic interference. Overall, this technology allows for better image resolution and uniformity.

mindray vetus 50 veterinary ultrasound machine
mindray animal veterinary ultrasound machine

High-end features at an entry-level price:

The Mindray Vetus 50 is like the Swiss Army knife of veterinary ultrasound machines. For the price range, many professional functions are available on this machine. Natural Touch Elastography provides an accurate and reproducible assessment of soft tissues' elastic properties and stiffness. The Vetus 50 supports Tissue Doppler Imaging modes TVI, TVM, TVD, and TEI to assess cardiac myocardial motion. HD Scope can improve the detailed information and image contrast in a specific area. Smart Calc (one key measurement for a focal lesion) and Smart Trace (mean gray value) are two new measurements/calculations found on the Vetus 50 that are not seen typically seen on many other Mindray Animal system.

Efficiency meets accuracy with tutorials & AI:

The Mindray Vetus 50 is equipped with a series of learning tools to help veterinarians shorten the learning curve and master scanning skills. iScanHelper is a built-in tutorial that provides 100+ comprehensive standard ultrasound images, transducer position teaching videos, and anatomical diagrams for reference during real-time scanning. iWorks is a standardized workflow protocol that will guide the clinician through each view, acquiring a still image or clip, and automatically placing the annotations or body marks plus calipers for measurements. iMeasure suggests potential clinical conditions immediately on the screen if the resulting values are out of the predefined range.

mindray iscanhelper

User-friendly design & ergonomics:

The Mindray Vetus 50 has many ergonomic features that make it a user-friendly machine. iLight is a working light under the keyboard for scanning in a dark room. The system has flexible control panel positioning for scanning animals on a table, the floor, or cage side. Other highlighted features include a magnetic front cover, multiple storage trays, and an optional battery for more than one hour of continuous scanning.

So there you have it – the Mindray Vetus 50 veterinary ultrasound machine is truly a workhorse cart-based system. With its exceptional imaging, versatility, user-friendly design, and reliability, we have no doubt this machine will be making waves in veterinary medicine settings around the world.

Mindray Vetus 50 veterinary ultrasound applications:

The Mindray Vetus 50 is an entry-level color Doppler veterinary ultrasound machine perfect for small animal cardiac, abdominal, and reproduction. 
The image quality is very high for the price range this system falls in. The Mindray Vetus 50 is an innovative, feature-rich veterinary ultrasound machine with excellent blood flow and PW doppler. The bottom line is---this system is designed for veterinarians and hospitals looking for console ultrasound quality imaging and features with an entry-level budget. Request a no-hassle quote or online demo here.

Clinical Images:

vetus 50 images
vetus 50 images

Want to learn more?

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