Many people have asked us: What is the best ultrasound for dedicated equine usage? Are you practicing equine medicine and trying to decide which model to choose? Our experts have narrowed down that answer to two Mindray Vet ultrasounds and how they will best fit your practice. The Vetus E7 is Mindray's newest and most popular portable veterinary ultrasound model. The Vetus EQ is essentially a clone of the E7 but has been tailored exclusively for equine ultrasound imaging. We have broken down the differences between these two Mindray ultrasounds to make your choice easier for you.



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Key Differences Between the Mindray Vetus E7 and Mindray Vetus EQ

We have narrowed down the biggest key differences between the Mindray Vetus E7 and Vetus EQ model: application usage and its patient range. The Vetus EQ has equine dedicated image presets including equine abdominal, equine cardiac, equine MSK, and equine reproduction. So when it comes to choosing an ultrasound based on applications, keep in mind the Vetus EQ cannot run small animal presets. If you need to image more animals other than horses, we recommend the Vetus E7.

mindray vetus eq equine presets


The Mindray Vetus EQ comes standard with the iCover shell, unlike the Vetus E7, to protect it from dirt, water, and accidental falls or bumps. It also includes the traveling backpack (better suited for outdoor use) instead of the hard shell suitecase. The EQ has 128GB storage while the E7 has 256GB, fortunately, they are both solid state drives to maintain speed and ease of use.


The Vetus E7 has multiple optional advanced functions while the EQ is limited to dicom, panoramic imaging, anatomical M-mode, curved anatomical M-mode, tissue Doppler imaging, TDI quantification analysis, Smart 3D, iNeedle needle enhancment, Auto ejection fraction, iVocal voice commands and a DVR module. The Vetus EQ also has iWorks scanning protocol but for equine MSK only. A quick note on iWorks, it has been shown to reduce exam time by 50% and keystrokes by 80% by showing you what to scan next in the chosen preset exam. The Mindray Vetus E7 has the option to add continuous wave Doppler, ECG, dicom MPPS, structured reporting and query retrieve, as well as, strain/strain rate, UWN+ contrast imaging, and UWN+ contrast imaging quantitative analysis.

Equine Ultrasound Price

On to the most important question you're probably wondering --- what is the cost difference? While we cannot list prices online, please contact us for a quote for the Vetus EQ here or E7 here! We can tell you there is a cost savings benefit in choosing the EQ as it does technically have fewer features. Therefore, if you are only going to be scanning horses, the Mindray Vetus EQ is the clear choice for equine ultrasound imaging.

Side by side comparisons of the Mindray Vetus E7 to the Mindray Vetus EQ for Equine Ultrasound Imaging


vetus e7 vs. vetus eq

Key Features for Equine Imaging

Both systems have great design features that make imaging any animal easier than the standard human ultrasound machine including:

  • Sealed touch-pad to prevent hair and dirt build-up
  • Resists breakdown from harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight at 6lbs and 1.7 inches thick (an apple laptop is 4.8lbs and .66 inches)
  • ZST+ platform is 10 times faster than traditional ultrasound imaging platforms
  • U-Bank battery option supports up to 8 hours of continuous scanning
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We hope our experts tips made your search for the perfect equine ultrasound machine a bit easier. Investing in the right ultrasound technology can significantly improve the quality and speed of healthcare for your patients. We are a diversified supplier of new and refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment, sales, service, rental, repair, and installation of ultrasound, fluoroscopy, x-ray, CT and c-arm. If you haven't equipped your practice with the right ultrasound machine yet or you're looking to upgrade, don't hesitate to reach out to us today!