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SonoScape S2 Portable Ultrasound Review

Last week, the FDA approved one of the most aggressively low-priced ultrasound machines we've seen hit the market. By aggressive,...

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Announcing the Bi-Annual Providian Medical Scholarship

Providian Medical, a  leading company in the sales and service of new and refurbished ultrasound, MRI, and CT medical equipment,...

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Imaging Tips and Techniques
Optimizing Ultrasound Image Quality, a Guide for Physicians, Part 1

Your first look at an ultrasound can be an intimidating experience. And more and more, I'm spending time walking physicians...

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SonoScape A6 Portable Ultrasound Review

This was a pleasant surprise. After testing and using many of the newer low-cost ultrasound machines, I was a bit...

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Imaging Tips and Techniques, Reviews
SonoSite Titan vs GE LogiqBook XP: Reviewed by Providian Medical

The LogiqBook XP and SonoSite Titan are similar machines aimed at similar markets. See the difference between these machines and...

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Say Hello to Brian Gill: Leading Expert in Diagnostic Medical Equipment

Everyone needs a nerd, right? Who do you ask when you need your computer fixed, or need a new TV,...

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