A Look at the GE Vscan Extend Dual-Probe Handheld Ultrasound

When I first saw the GE Vscan Extend, I was disappointed. But I shouldn’t have been. It wasn’t fair and I was out-of-line in thinking so.

I wanted too much and luckily our sales manager, Scott, put things into perspective for me.

After I gave him my initial evaluation, he reminded me that this is an inexpensive, handheld machine that is designed for a specific purpose… not a $20,000 handheld machine.

He’s right.

Yeah Yeah, but I wanted it to be… well…  the coolest device ever. And in many ways, it’s pretty cool. And for the price and its market, it’s very cool.

As it turns out, this thing is great for the physicians for whom this machine is intended. They carry it in their labcoats and can provide quick exams while also providing better patient care and setting patients minds at ease. For this, it’s an excellent tool.

For others, maybe not so much. This video explains why it’s great for some, and not for others.

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