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GE Vscan Extend


Call to configure, special pricing available 317-759-9210

The refurbished GE Vscan Extend is a handheld portable ultrasound machine. The pocket-sized Vscan Extend is the successor to the GE Vscan Dual Probe and GE Vscan. This is a popular Point-of-Care (PoC) ultrasound machine for a quick look into the patient’s body.

The Vscan provides surprisingly good image quality and offers an extremely fast way to perform a quick diagnosis or to perform a FAST exam.

Price starting at $4,700

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• Vscan Extend device with either sector probe or dual probe

• Global AC adapter with interchangeable region-specific plugs

• One rechargeable battery

• USB cable

• Two MicroSD memory cards

• Soft case

• Use manual

• Hardcopy Quick card

• Gel (60g bottle)

• Distance measurement

• Assisted bladder volume measurement (Vscan extend app available through GE Marketplace)

Active Probe Ports





DICOM Options

Store, Verify, Worklist


0.7 lbs, 6.6" x 3" x 0.9"

Export Options



Auto Optimization, Color Flow, Color-Coded Overlay, PW Doppler

HDD Size

MicroSD or MicroSDHC

Imaging Modes


Max Cine Memory

4 Seconds

Maximum Depth (cm)



"5"" LCD"

Monitor Resolution


PC Export Formats


Power (USA)

100-240V, 50/60 Hz







USB Ports


Video and Output Options

DICOM, MicroSD, USB, Wireless



Year Built


The GE Vscan gives great image quality for a very small pocket-sized ultrasound machine. Its small size make it highly portable and a great tool for quick scans at the patient’s bedside. While you can’t expect the image quality found in a larger ultrasound machine, this provides a good visualization for FAST exams and other bedside ultrasound applications.

This is a diagnostic tool that is designed to make quick diagnoses and expedite a course of action for your patient’s care. It can be used for triage in an emergency department, or for general primary care physicians to get a quick look inside the patient’s body. The addition of the linear transducer opens it to a variety of applications where a quick diagnostic tool is necessary.

The used VScan ultrasound has a MicroSD/MicroSDHC slot for exporting images and clips. You can also make voice recordings and expand the storage up to 32GB.

The Vscan has a 3.5-inch display.

The GE VScan has a permanent transducer that features a sector phased array on one side and a linear array on the other side.

This quick tour of the GE VScan includes the basics of setup and getting started. While the VScan appears to be relatively simple to use, it has a lot of hidden features that allow you to improve image quality and perform more functions than what meets the eye.

Learn how to use the and get around the VScan, understanding its hidden functions and the various ways to get around the system. The VScan is more powerful and has more functionality than it appears when you first start using the VScan. This training session gives you the basic overview of the various controls.

The VScan takes advantage of its simple user interface by giving most buttons a multifunction and gesture-driven use. Many of these techniques are not obvious to the user, such as using the circular button to operate like an old-school iPod. In this part of the training series, learn how to perform all the various imaging functions, including color imaging, saving and reviewing previous patients.

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