Choosing the Right Disinfectant for your Ultrasound Probe

We are frequently asked about transducer cleaner and disinfectant recommendations. Ultrasound probe care is important because the better the condition of a transducer, the better the outcome and the safer it is for the patient. Since we have joined with Trisonics, we collaborated with them to provide advice on how to determine the disinfectors and cleaners you should be using!

Basic Ultrasound Transducer Disinfecting and CleaningGE EM6c on Voluson E10 3D Probe

An important element of ultrasound probe care is cleaning and disinfecting. Depending on the probe and how it’s being used, you will use low-level and high-level disinfecting. Generally, standard surface transducers are cleaned or low-level disinfected after each study. Any transducer inserted into a patient in any manner should be high-level disinfected after each study.

Which Disinfectant is Right for My Ultrasound Probe?

There are things to consider when it comes to transducer cleaning agents. Most importantly is if a cleaning agent or disinfectant is approved by the manufacturer of the ultrasound system or transducer. Using a non-approved agent can cause damage to a transducer or the system.

Do not assume because a cleaning agent’s packaging says it’s safe for transducers that it means it is safe for all transducers. Or, that because one transducer from a manufacturer can use a particular agent, that all of them can. You want to check each transducer for compatibility. Additionally, you must balance your decision with your infection control personnel and what they want to be used.

How to Disinfect My Ultrasound Probe?

We recommend following the instructions on the manufacturer recommended agent’s packaging for cleaning or disinfection. Additionally, may want to check with your hospital infection control personnel if you have further questions about cleaning, disinfecting times, etc. Other things to consider are ventilation and soak times.

Feel free to contact us with questions in regard to transducer care, however, we will not be able to recommend a specific product for your facility.

Below are links to several ultrasound manufacturers’ transducer cleaner and disinfectants approval guides.

GE Ultrasound

Per GE’s instructions, this website provides a summary. So, consult the basic system manual for further information. However, this tool allows you to match transducer to their approved cleaning, disinfection, and gel products. Including TEE transducer care. Click Here!

Philips Ultrasound

The link provided is to a 46-page PDF from Philips that provides disinfectants and cleaning solutions that are compatible with Philips ultrasound systems and transducers. For the systems or transducers not specifically listed, it recommends that you reference your system’s User Manual. Click Here!

Toshiba Ultrasound

Toshiba Medical, owned by Canon, has PDF’s for cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilization of diagnostic ultrasound transducer and transducer accessories linked here. For precautions and procedures for use, refer to the relevant operation manuals. Click Here!

Siemens Ultrasound

Siemens provides general handling instructions and a link to their PDF that contains a list of cleaners and disinfectants for transducers. Click Here!


This link will take you to Sonosite’s support document page where you can find the materials for your system that may include transducer disinfectant instructions, depending on the system. Click Here!

Zonare & Mindray

Zonare and Mindray host the PDF that provides instructions on inspection, cleaning and disinfecting your transducers here!

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