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GE Discovery NM630

Call to configure, special pricing available 317-759-9210

The GE Discovery NM630 is a nuclear medicine system that offers advanced imaging capabilities and enhanced workflow efficiencies. With its automated features, dual-head simultaneous imaging, and versatile applications, it caters to a range of diverse needs in many medical facility environments. The GE Discovery NM630 provides variable angle and LFOV detectors for advanced imaging capabilities on whole-body, planar, and SPECT scans. With automated simultaneous dual collimator changing, this system offers flexibility and efficiency in nuclear medicine imaging.

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The GE NM630 is equipped with the following key features:

  • Dual Head System: Equipped with two detector heads for simultaneous imaging, increasing throughput and reducing scan time.
  • Variable Angle Detectors: Allows for versatile imaging positions to capture detailed anatomical information.
  • LFOV Detectors: Large Field of View detectors ensure comprehensive coverage and high-quality images.
  • Automated Collimator Changing: Streamlines the imaging process by automatically adjusting collimators for different scan types.


The GE Discovery NM630 offers a wide range of clinical applications, including cardiology, oncology, neurology and general imaging. Along with its wide range of applications, the NM630 provides the following benefits for advanced nuclear medicine imaging:

  • Enhanced Imaging: The Discovery NM630 provides advanced imaging options for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Increased Efficiency: With automated features and dual-head simultaneous imaging, the system improves workflow and productivity.
  • Versatile Applications: From whole-body scans to detailed SPECT imaging, the NM630 caters to a wide range of nuclear medicine needs.
  • Intuitive Interface: Helps keep a low dose to patients while providing ease-of-use and image clarity.

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