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GE MN 830

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The GE NM 830 is a nuclear medicine machine that enables earlier disease diagnosis, patient comfort, and enhanced operational efficiency. With innovative features like SwiftScan Planar, SwiftScan SPECT, and the LEHRS collimator, this technology provides advanced imaging sensitivity and speed. Designed for healthcare facilities seeking efficiency, accuracy, and patient-friendly imaging solutions, the GE NM 830’s advanced features and applications make it an essential tool for diagnostic imaging.

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The GE NM 830 is suitable for a wide range of applications, from general nuclear medicine studies to specialized exams. With its advanced features and technology integration, it enables healthcare providers to offer enhanced patient comfort while improving diagnostic accuracy and efficiency. The GE NM 830 is equipped with the following key features:

  • SwiftScan Planar and SwiftScan SPECT: Enhanced sensitivity leading to reduced dose or scan times by up to 25%, ensuring faster and more comfortable exams for patients during the diagnostic process.
  • LEHRS Collimator: The inclusion of a Low Energy High Resolution and Sensitivity collimator enhances sensitivity and allows for the reduction of scan times or injected dose.


The GE NM 830 is ideal for healthcare providers looking to elevate their nuclear medicine diagnostics, ensuring optimal patient care, efficiency, and diagnostic precision. Additionally, the system’s versatility and cost-effectiveness make it an attractive option for healthcare facilities of all sizes. The key benefits of the NM 830 include:

  • Enhanced Patient Comfort: The GE NM 830 enables shorter and more tolerable exams, prioritizing patient comfort throughout the imaging process.
  • Improved Diagnostic Accuracy: By detecting small lesions earlier, the system aids in the timely and accurate diagnosis of diseases.
  • Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: With the ability to reduce scan times and injected doses, the system offers a low total cost of ownership and a straightforward upgrade path to advanced capabilities.
  • Advanced Technology Integration: The NM 830 combines dual-head SPECT system capabilities with innovative features like SPECT Step & Shoot Continuous scanning mode and Planar Clarity 2D processing for increased sensitivity and diagnostic accuracy.

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