Looking at Two Reasonably Priced Ultrasound Machines

Sitting in the lower-end of the portable ultrasound price range are two great machines: the SonoSite M-Turbo and the Chison EBit 50.

Often when people compare systems, they look at what it can do without really thinking about how and where they’re going to use it. So, on paper, these two systems look pretty similar. They have similar features and capabilities, but they’re quite different.

As I explain in this video, there are some key things to consider that will make your decision on these two machines pretty simple.

M-Turbo and EBit 50 Features

Specifications of these two machines show that they can be both used for Shared Service, but the form and function of the EBit make it more practical in certain situations. In heavier diagnostic situations and/or situations where multiple probes are used, the EBit is more ergonomic and user-friendly for technicians. Its keyboard, 2-probe ports, larger screen, and better user interface make it a good choice.

The M-Turbo is more friendly in mobile situations: from frequent room-to-room transfer to mobile use, the SonoSite is easier to transfer, more durable and is fast and easy. It’s a very nice choice for physicians who are using it as a tool to get a quick diagnosis, guide a needle, or perform other such bedside/point-of-care situations.

SonoSite has long been the leader in point-of-care ultrasound and mobile use. They were specifically designed for this and they lead the market in this category.

How to Choose

As outlined in the video, simply knowing how and where you’ll use the system makes the choice much easier to make. Each has its downside and upside to various situations. They can both perform similar functions, but your workflow and individual situation will ultimately determine your choice.