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Mindray M9 Vet


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The Mindray M9 Vet is a veterinary portable ultrasound machine with advanced cardiac imaging features. The M9 Vet ultrasound platform comes equipped with cutting-edge 3T transducer technology, along with distinctive echo boost capabilities and HDR Flow functionality. This combination offers unparalleled performance, particularly in the realm of cardiology. The Mindrat M9 Vet operates on Mindray’s mQuadro imaging platform. The mQuadro system is comprised of sophisticated transmission and reception mechanisms, robust parallel processing, and intelligent algorithms. These elements collectively enable heightened image resolution and enhanced color sensitivity, thereby significantly amplifying diagnostic potential. The system has a full line of probes for all veterinary modalities, including a single crystal cardiac probe. Great for companion animals to equine, the Mindrat M9 Vet includes a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

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The Mindray M9 Vet is a robust portable ultrasound machine with advanced features and a compact design.

Design Features:

  • 15.6-inch LED HD monitor
  • Built-in battery providing 90 min scanning time
  • 256GB solid-state hard drive
  • Comes with a hard-shell travel case

Advanced Features:

  • Dedicated Veterinary Software with data information, exam modes, body marks, measurements and reports
  • TDI and quantitative analysis for condent cardiology analysis
  • Tissue Tracking quantitative analysis for advanced myocardial study
  • Auto measurement including Auto PW trace and Auto EF

Active Probe Ports





DICOM Options

Print, Store, Verify


5.8 kg 390mm x 362mmx 59mm



Export Options



Color Doppler, DICOM, M-Mode, B-Mode, iBeam (Spatial Compound Imaging), iClear (Speckle Suppression Imaging)

Imaging Modes

2D, 3D/4D

Max Cine Memory

38597 Frames


"15.6"" High Resolution LED"

Monitor Resolution


PC Export Formats


Power (USA)

100-240V, 50/60 Hz

Primary Applications

Abdominal, Cardiac, Small Parts, Vascular, Reproduction



USB Ports


Video and Output Options




Customer Testimonial:

I’m a Board-Certified Veterinary Cardiologist with 10+ years of experience and have many years of concierge practice at this point.

I initially sought to purchase another mainstream cardiology system, but a representative asked me to demo the Mindray M9 at no cost – but wanted me to see it as, at the time, it was a brand new platform that hit the market and he wanted my thoughts. That immediately turned into me not wanting to send the demo machine back and asking to keep it.

I have now purchased two Mindray M9 ultrasound machines and remain extremely satisfied with the platform and both purchases. The functionality is intuitive, images are exceptionally clear and the system is highly portable. On average, I perform 15+ scans per day and am able to synch the images to the server (via WiFi) when I’m done with all of my patients for the day.

Image quality is high with a very clear color flow and spectral Doppler signals with very easy controls and scan pre-set options. The post-processing functionality is solid and there are several customized-setting buttons to allow your own optimal workflow (CINE time/beat duration can be set to various lengths, anatomic M-Mode, prospective save or retrospective save, etc.). The automated measurements are solid (computer-traced Simpson’s EF, automatic VTI trace, etc.) with a very easy manual override if the line is not exactly where it should be.

I have recommended this platform to several radiologists, internists, and numerous cardiologists – all of which have provided similar happy feedback to me regarding their selection. I am confident in my purchase and would certainly re-purchase this platform. If my machine broke today and had to be replaced, I would order another M9 without hesitation.

– Brian A. Maran, DVM, MS, DACVIM (Cardiology)
Board-Certified Veterinary Cardiologist

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