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Mindray DC-40 HD Ultrasound Machine


Call to configure, special pricing available 317-759-9210

Probo Medical is an Authorized distributor for Mindray North America

The Mindray DC-40 HD is a service console ultrasound machine that is used in a wide variety of applications, including basic cardiac, OB/GYN, MSK, Urology, 3D/4D, Point-of-Care, and many others. The Mindray DC-40 HD has an expansive range of clinical application packages, onboard education software, and auto-measurement tools to make exams and imaging more accurate and efficient. The compact design and touchscreen allows for ease-of-use and single keystrokes maximize patient throughput and simplify workflow, delivering optimal and accurate results that will increase the user’s confidence.

Probo Medical is an authorized distributor for Mindray ultrasound products.

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The Mindray DC-40 HD system features include the following ultrasound technologies:

  • One-Touch Switch
  • Smart OB
  • Smart FLC
  • Smart Face
  • 4D iLive
  • Automatic Measurement
  • iBeam Spatial Compound Imaging
  • iClear Speckle Reduction Imaging
  • iTouch Auto Optimization
  • THI and PSH (Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging)
  • PW Doppler
  • M-Mode
  • 3D/4D
  • Color Doppler
  • Natural Touch Elastography
  • 17″ LED Monitor
  • 10.4″ Touchscreen
  • iStation Patient Management System
  • Wireless Networking
  • iScapeTM View
  • Auto IMT
  • UWN Contrast ImagingTM
  • Natural Touch Elastography
  • Continuous Wave Doppler
  • ECG
  • Free Xros MTM
  • Free Xros CMTM
  • TDI (Include TVI, TVD, TVM, TEI)
  • TDI QA (TDI Quantitative Analysis)
  • Smart 3DTM
  • Real-time 4D
  • iPageTM (Multi-Slice Imaging)
  • iLive
  • IVF
  • Smart OBTM (Auto OB measurement)
  • Smart NTTM(Auto NT measurement)
  • Clinical Measurement Package
  • Smart Bladder

Active Probe Ports





DICOM Options

Media Exchange, MPPS, Print, Query/Retrieve, Store, Verify, Worklist


75kg, 875 x 543 x 1200mm



Export Options


Imaging Modes

2D, 3D/4D

Max Cine Memory

12394 Frames

Max Frame Rate (FPS)


Maximum Depth (cm)



"21.5"" High Resolution LCD"

Monitor Resolution


PC Export Formats

AVI/JPG/BMP or to PC-Based Viewer Software

Power (USA)

100-120V or 220-240V, 50/60 Hz




Touchscreen, Trackball

USB Ports


Video and Output Options

DVI, S-Video, VGA



Probe Type of Array Bandwidth
Mindray 3C5A Convex 1.3-6.0MHz
Mindray 6C2 Convex 2.6-13.2 MHz
Mindray 6LB7 Linear 2.6-13.2 MHz
Mindray 7L4B/7L4A Linear 3.0-14.0 MHz
Mindray 7L5 Linear 3.0-14.0 MHz
Mindray C6-2 Convex 1.3-5.7 MHz
Mindray CB10-4E Convex 2.6-11 MHz
Mindray CW5s Pencil 5.0 MHz
Mindray D7-2 Sector 2.0-8.2 MHz
Mindray D7-2E Volume Curved 2.0-8.4 MHz
Mindray DE11-3E Volume Curved 2.3-11.6 MHz
Mindray L12-3E Linear 3.0-13.5 MHz
Mindray L13-3 Linear 3.0-13.0 MHz
Mindray L14-6 Linear 6.0-14.0 MHz
Mindray L14-6NE Linear 3.5-16.0 MHz
Mindray L7-3 Linear 2.7-8.0 MHz
Mindray P10-4E Sector 3.0-11.8 MHz
Mindray P4-2 Sector 1.0-5.2 MHz
Mindray P7-3 Sector 2.0-8.2 MHz
Mindray V10-4 Convex 2.6-13.2 MHz
Mindray V10-4B Convex 2.6-13.2 MHz
Mindray V11-3 Convex 2.4-12.8 MHz

As with other Mindray units, this unit represents very good quality at a reasonable price. This unit is a popular choice for clinics, office-based practices and smaller hospitals. It is a budget-friendly ultrasound machine that provides surprisingly good image quality for the price and is a recommended system by Probo Medical.

We’re most impressed with the image quality and efficiency of the machine for its price. It is easy to use and doesn’t overwhelm the user with “bells and whistles” that aren’t necessary for their imaging needs.

The DC-40 ultrasound is most popular with OB/GYNs doing basic studies. Its cost and versatility make it a great choice for a low-cost ultrasound unit that provides solid imaging and features found on more expensive machines from the big brands.

However, there is a limitation for those looking to perform OB/GYN. While it is versatile and has great image quality, it does not allow for custom measurements;  this may be a limitation for those wanting to do measurements such as fibroid or ovarian cysts. 

As an authorized distributor, Probo Medical is your best source to buy New Mindray DC-40 ultrasounds and refurbished Mindray DC-40 ultrasounds.

iClear on the DC-70 is Mindray’s speckle reduction technology.

Smart OB is designed to automatically calculate the most common fetal biometry measurements: AC, FL, BPD, HC, and OFD.

Similar to GE’s HDLive, this provides more realistic-looking 4D obstetric images.

You can find the Mindray DC-40 brochure below. Probo Medical has a large inventory of owner’s manuals and brochures, contact us today for more information.

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