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Siemens Magnetom Symphony 1.5T MRI | Probo Medical


Call to configure, special pricing available 317-759-9210

The Siemens Magnetom Symphony 1.5T is one of the world’s in-demand 1.5T MRI systems in its class. It uses cutting-edge applications that will accelerate your imaging performance like never before. When you use this system you will be able to view the smallest details with incredible clarity.

The Magnetom Symphony 1.5T is an easy-to-use system that allows you to get started on imaging right away. Once you get started using this system, you will be able to breeze through your exams. You will be able to provide your patients with faster and more comfortable evaluations.

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The Siemens Magnetom Symphony 1.5T has many key features including:

  • 3D high-resolution breast imaging
  • Panoramic table
  • Compact short bore magnet
  • Cost-effective siting


  • “Typical” installation
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty
  • Refurbished System

Available Options & Service Plans:

  • On-site applications training
  • Discounted multi-year service agreements
  • Additional Coils
  • Full Service
  • PM-Only
  • T&M
  • First Call
  • Shared Risk

Imaging Modes

Multi-Angle, Multi-Oblique, Multi-Slice, Single, Volume Study

Clinical Applications

Whole Body




ECG/Peripheral, Respiratory Gating

Field of View

0.5 cm – 50 cm

Magnet Type

Single Cryogen, Superconducting

Bore Diameter

60 cm

Magnet Weight

4050 kg (5500 kg in operation)

Power Requirements

480 or 380/415 V

Cooling System

2-Stage Refrig, Single Cryogen


Liquid Helium

Field Strength

1.5 T


20/35 mT/m standard, 30/52 opt.

5 Gauss Field

2.5 m/4.0 m

The Siemens Magnetom Symphony 1.5T MRI is a premier choice in medical imaging, offering advanced image clarity and enhanced performance capabilities. This system features superior imaging capabilities, user-friendly operation, and quick scan times to enhance patient comfort and satisfaction. Key benefits include precise diagnostics, efficient workflow, and reliable performance as it was designed to elevate diagnostic confidence and operational excellence. The Siemens Magnetom Symphony 1.5T also offers a variety of advanced applications for specific diagnostic needs. These include: Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI): Perfusion Imaging, Cardiac Imaging, and Functional MRI (fMRI).

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