Lightweight, yet packed with innovative imaging features, Fuji SonoSite ultrasounds bring unrivaled portability, ease of use, machine durability, and reliability to today’s fast-paced clinical environments.

With the SonoSite-Fuji ultrasound buyer’s guide, you can find helpful information on how to find the right SonoSite model for your clinic and practice. To quickly access the information most relevant to you, click on a section from the following list:

With used SonoSite ultrasounds from Probo Medical, offered at low, affordable prices, you can easily give your practice the benefit of portability, speed, and optimal imagine. To speak with an ultrasound expert about finding the ideal SonoSite ultrasound system for your specific needs, call us today at (877) 661-8224.

Why Choose SonoSite Ultrasounds

SonoSite ultrasounds are about improving patient care while offering portable, durable solutions, delivering the speed and image clarity you need for a broad range of clinical applications. From Point of Care to full diagnostic applications, SonoSite ultrasounds provide many benefits beyond what’s offered by conventional systems.

You’ll be booting up your SonoSite ultrasound in less than 25 seconds, and because SonoSite ultrasounds are designed to be as intuitive as possible, you can start imaging patients and performing specific tasks right away, no matter the complexity of the situation.

Some of the main applications of SonoSite ultrasounds include:

Moreover, these ultrasounds are designed to help reduce hospital and patient expenses by reducing the time required to diagnose and treat a patient. SonoSite ultrasounds are also smaller and require less energy, and many of these systems leave a “zero footprint.”

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Value of Visualization

When it comes to optimizing value, SonoSite ultrasounds quicken examinations while providing the high-quality images that physicians need to make confident, accurate diagnoses.

As a result, you can expect increased efficiency without sacrificing patient safety or satisfaction. With SonoSite ultrasounds, you can make an accurate diagnosis without ever leaving your patient’s side.

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Improved Patient Care and Patient Experience

Due to SonoSite’s portable, hand-carried design for many of its ultrasound machines, you can help improve patient safety and care during applications such as real-time ultrasound needle guidance. Avoiding patient complications is just one benefit, as SonoSite ultrasounds also aim to reduce hospital costs overall.

Additionally, you can help improve patient care in emergency departments, such as for central line placements, echocardiograms, FAST exams, and guiding therapy, as well as primary care departments.

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SonoSite Ultrasound Durability

SonoSite ultrasounds are some of the toughest machines on the market and were created for a diverse range of locations, from modern hospitals in big cities to rural clinics.

Ensuring machine durability to withstand all of your imaging needs, SonoSite ultrasounds are drop-tested from three feet and will still operate normally after the impact. Furthermore, as clean and sterile work environments are essential to improving patient care, SonoSite ultrasounds are able to withstand hours of cleaning.

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SonoSite Ultrasound Ease of Use

With the goal of accelerating examinations, every SonoSite ultrasound is created with intuitive settings, giving you the options that you need, when you need them.

Optional Mini-Dock on the SonoSite M-Turbo

Interfaces, menus, and imaging settings are clearly laid out so that you can reach the desired setting with minimal setup. And when you need to image quickly, SonoSite ultrasounds feature fast boot-up times so that you can go from a powered-down system to scanning in the shortest amount of time. SonoSite ultrasounds typically boot in 6 to 25 seconds, depending on the model.

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How to Shop for a SonoSite Ultrasound

Providian Medical offers many different types of SonoSite ultrasounds, and with systems from the laptop-sized SonoSite Edge to the hand-carried NanoMaxx, it’s easy to find the exact ultrasound machine you need

No matter if you’re treating patients in a fast-paced emergency department or if you want to simply improve bedside care, you can ease the search by balancing clinical needs with the types of SonoSite ultrasounds available.

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Clinical Applications

The range of SonoSite ultrasounds meets several clinical needs while offering multiple user access and a no-nonsense interface. Therefore, whether you have a single application or several, you can find an ultrasound optimized for every exam.

You can match your clinical applications with various SonoSite ultrasounds available from Providian Medical below.




Emergency Medicine



Women’s Health

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Types of SonoSite Ultrasounds

In addition to categorizing the various SonoSite ultrasounds by clinical application, it can also be helpful to look at the type of ultrasound. While all SonoSite ultrasounds are lightweight, durable, and portable, you can find systems ranging from laptop-sized machines to handheld. SonoSite also offers a renowned array of veterinary ultrasounds.

SonoSite Laptop Ultrasounds

SonoSite Handheld Systems

SonoSite Console Systems

SonoSite Veterinary Ultrasounds

Veterinary uses often require mobility and durability for general and reproductive imaging. This often means that veterinarians need durable, lightweight, and portable ultrasound machines.

With a range of systems from hand-carried ultrasounds weighing less than ten pounds to industry leading consoles, veterinarians can easily find a suitable ultrasound designed for equine, small animals, zoo animals, and marine animals.

SonoSite also manufacturers customized transducers to meet clinically specific needs. From Bovine/Equine reproduction to a domestic pet, you can find the right transducer for common clinical examinations and procedures.

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SonoSite Ultrasound Transducers

Created with real-world uses in mind, SonoSite’s wide range of ultrasound probes enable unsurpassed image quality with optimized contrast resolution and increased penetration.

Keeping in line with its durable ultrasound design, SonoSite’s transducers are drop tested using stringent military specifications so that you’re assured fast performance when imaging on-site.

SonoSite transducers available from Probo Medical include:

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How Much Does a SonoSite Ultrasound Cost

The price of SonoSite ultrasounds can vary widely, while the average price of most refurbished equipment is around $13,000. More advanced refurbished models, such as the SonoSite Edge or SonoSite Edge II, can cost significantly more, up to $30,000 or higher. Also, additional SonoSite ultrasound equipment, such as a cart or number of transducers, will affect your bottom line.

By choosing a used SonoSite ultrasound from Providian Medical, however, you can expect lower price points, friendly and expert support, and fast, secure delivery.

For more detailed information about the costs of SonoSite ultrasounds, call our support staff right away at (440) 459-1625.

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Top 5 SonoSite Ultrasounds from Providian Medical

SonoSite M-Turbo

The M-Turbo ultrasound is one of SonoSite’s most popular and widely used imaging devices, especially among radiologists looking for convenience and versatility in their equipment.

Featuring an all-digital architecture with multiple configurations and feature sets, the M-Turbo aims to quicken workflows while providing high-resolution, real-time images.

The M-Turbo ultrasound is ready for use in real-world environments, using advanced technology for common exams and procedures, including:

Furthermore, the SonoSite M-Turbo is drop-tested at three feet and it includes a splash resistant user-interface, providing durability and reliability so it can perform when you need it.

SonoSite MicroMaxx

As the predecessor to the M-Turbo, the MicroMaxx ultrasound remains one of the top choices among portable machines. The MicroMaxx ultrasound is an inexpensive, reliable solution for many applications, ranging from standard point-of-care to emergency.

In addition to its solid image quality, the SonoSite MicroMaxx ultrasound is specifically engineered to take the guesswork out of line placements, cannulation, and cardiac assessment, all of which contribute to the safety and well-being of your patients.

Some of the other benefits of using the MicroMaxx ultrasound include:

SonoSite Edge

With a sophisticated, laptop-style design that is improved and more sterile than the M-Turbo and the MicroMaxx, the SonoSite Edge is an innovative, portable ultrasound machine brings next-generation imaging and user controls to your practice.

Engineered for Point-of-Care applications where fast, reliable imaging is necessary, the SonoSite Edge uses several image optimization technologies to give you enhanced clarity and a seamless imaging experience. Some of these key imaging features of the SonoSite Edge include:

Additionally, with its revamped user interface, large LCD viewing screen, and lightweight design can help quicken workflows without affecting reliability.

SonoSite Edge II

Delivering high-resolution images with the speed and ease you need, the SonoSite Edge II helps reduce times to make an accurate diagnosis in critical situations.

With its easy-to-navigate interface, the SonoSite Edge II gives you quick access to commonly used functions. The portable ultrasound’s wide-angle display and anti-reflection coating help reduce eye strain while giving you an optimal viewing experience, and its keyboard is built for infection control and easy cleaning.

The SonoSite II is also known for its rugged durability. Embedded metal jacket cables protect the transducer in difficult, fast-paced acute care situations as well as bedside. In addition to the Armored Cable Technology, the SonoSite Edge II also features DirectClear Technology for select transducers that can help improve imaging penetration and clarity.

SonoSite iVIZ

The SonoSite iVIZ is a powerful, diagnostic hand-carried ultrasound machine. It is designed to go with you and provide clear, high-resolution images exactly when you need it.

The most striking feature of the iVIZ ultrasound is its size. In addition to its high-resolution, 7.1-inch display, The iVIZ ultrasound’s ergonomic, one-handed operation helps streamline examinations and easy image setting manipulation, helping you make quick decisions in tight locations.

With regards to image quality, the SonoSite iVIZ uses DirectClear Technology and advanced image processing, leveraging the high-resolution display with optimal images for quick information.

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Get Help Finding the Right SonoSite Ultrasound For You

From anesthesiology to veterinary medicine, SonoSite ultrasounds empower you to make quick diagnostic decisions due to clear and informative imaging and reliable ultrasound performance.

With this buyer’s guide, you can find some of the leading SonoSite ultrasounds as well as some information about how to shop for the ideal SonoSite system for your budget. Nevertheless, if you want to get in contact with an expert who can answer the questions you need to ask, call Probo Medical today at (877) 661-8224.