The Importance of Philips Transducer Technology

Philips’ PureWave technology is its imaging solution for difficult to scan patients. PureWave is an innovation that utilizes piezo crystals that are better than show significant improvement in electromechanical coupling and strain levels compared the previous innovations. Why does this matter to you? You can now use one ultrasound probe that covers the frequency that used to require two transducers with traditional crystals! Reduced your stress about how you will scan difficult to scan patients, how long it will take, and if you will capture a clear enough picture by using Philips PureWave technology.

How PureWave Works

Philips PureWave technology was developed to increase frequency coverage and bandwidth. Therefore, increasing penetration and resolution. This is accomplished using crystals that are manufactured to create a near-perfect atomic level arrangement. An additional benefit to Philips’ PureWave innovation is that energy is transferred with up to 85% greater precision and efficiency due to the uniformity and lack of grain boundaries that aren’t found in conventional crystal alignments.

A PureWave ultrasound probe from Philips can cover the frequency range of two transducers. Its tissue aberration correction technology allows speed of sound characteristics not be affected as strongly when scanning patients with significant adipose layers. In the PureWave mode, the ultrasound systems become aware of increased adipose content and applies aberration correction algorithms. This reduces image degradation, resulting in increased sharpness and clarity throughout the entire beam length.

Why does it matter for you? Fewer probes, faster scans, clearer images. Period.

Philips Ultrasound Probes and Systems that Run PureWave

Probes that run Philips PureWave include:

Systems that run probes with Phillips Pure Wave include:

  • Affiniti
  • Epiq
  • Sparq
  • CX50
X6-1 transducer

Unlike GE’s XDClear technology, you do not need an advanced option to be turned on your PureWave compatible ultrasound machine to utilize the PureWave technology. However, you need to make sure that the probe you purchase has a compact connector as that’s what’s needed for the Philips systems that are compatible with PureWave technology. Fortunately, Probo Medical will guide you towards the right systems and probes to fit your needs!

How can PureWave benefit your practice?

It typically takes longer to perform and ultrasound on a technically difficult to scan patient. Image optimization is more difficult, and the sonographers must work harder to create acceptable images. The sonographer may even have to try several different transducers before finding the one that provides adequate penetration yet yields images clear enough to perform a diagnosis.

Many of those problems and stressors are reduced or gone with the Philips PureWave technology. Additionally, the technology makes the probes lighter, reducing the strain on sonographers who are scanning all day. Fewer probes, faster scans, clearer images. Period.

Purchase a New or Refurbished Probe with PureWave

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