Probo Medical can service your Philips iU22 and iU33 ultrasound machine! Our multi-vendor service engineers are OEM trained and have an average of 25 years of experience servicing ultrasound equipment. We are dedicated to keeping your systems up and running smoothly at little downtime to you with our ultrasound service capabilities.

refurbished Philips iu22

Philips iU22 and iU33 Ultrasound Service

Do you have a Philips iU22 or an iU33 ultrasound? We can service it for you. Philips has announced that their iU22 and iE33 ultrasounds have been declared "end of support" (EOS) by the OEMs, meaning that service and support for these machines will no longer be provided by the original manufacturers. EOS does not mean your system will become obsolete, nor does it mean that an urgent upgrade or purchasing a new ultrasound is required. Instead, when an ultrasound reaches End of Life, it means that the OEMs will no longer provide service and support for that equipment.

If your facility has an OEM service contract with Philips iU22 or the iE33, you may no longer be eligible to receive support on these ultrasound machines. But don't worry, you can receive these services from third-party providers, like Probo Medical, who is here to help. Your ultrasound system can continue to function for years to come, but this does not mean that routine maintenance should be neglected. It is crucial to keep the system in good working order to ensure optimal performance and longevity through regular preventative maintenance measures. So although the End of Life announcement from Philips may seem daunting, there is no need for concern, as your systems will last you for years to come.

Service Your Equipment With Probo

Probo Medical's service engineers are OEM trained and have decades of experience working on systems from all the top brands, including the Philips iU22 and iE33 ultrasounds. We offer lower hourly rates than the manufacturers so you never have to worry about being overcharged for our service. From preventative maintenance, to technical support and emergency repair services, our service team can help you with all things ultrasound. Take advantage of the chance to save time and money with Probo Medical, and extend the life of your equipment and continue to meet the needs of your patients.