In 2022, Probo helped our customers save more than $7.5 million by choosing probe repair over buying a replacement of their ultrasound transducers. We have the best repairs in the industry, and our processes are designed to make your probe repair experience fast, easy, and worry-free. Our probe loaner pool is over $1mm and grows every day as new inventory is added. Hence, we can often provide a loaner that you can use while your probe is being repaired for no downtime to you.

In this video, Matt Mooney, Vice President of Transducers, discusses Probo's process, repair options, and cost-saving measures that Probo provides for ultrasound transducer repair. Our probe repair specialists at Probo Medical are here to provide you with a total ultrasound probe repair solution. When you choose Probo Medical for your probe repairs, you can feel confident that your equipment is in good hands.

Don't replace it, repair it with us!

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