Part 6 of 8, SonoScape S2 Portable Ultrasound Machine Training

Measurements and calculations on the SonoScape S2 ultrasound machineOnline ultrasound training for making and correcting measurements & calculations on the SonoScape S2 portable ultrasound machine.

This sixth installment of the online ultrasound training series for the SonoScape S2 portable ultrasound, takes you through making measurements on the SonoScape S2.

Here is what you’ll learn in Part 6 of the S2 portable ultrasound online training series:

This is a single part of a full training series. Some of the content in this module refers to training in previous videos. To view the entire series, start with Part 1 of the S2 ultrasound training series.

Links to other parts of this training series are found below the video. For a complete listing of all our free training videos, check out our Ultrasound Equipment Training page.

  1. Overview, Setup, and Customization of the SonoScape S2
  2. User Interface Training
  3. 2D Imaging and Image Optimization Training
  4. PW and Color Doppler Imaging Training
  5. Ultrasound Cine Clip Review and Saving Images S2 Ultrasound Training
  6. Measurements and Calculations with the SonoScape S2
  7. Creating Custom Presets with the SonoScape S2 Portable Ultrasound Machine
  8. Patient Review, Exporting Images, and Reports

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