GE’s cSound is a powerful, software-based beamformer image reconstruction platform available on the GE Vivid S70, GE Vivid E90, and GE Vivid E95 cardiac-focused ultrasound systems.


The GE Vivid platform has been GE’s cardiology/cardiovascular/cardiac focused ultrasound system line since the early 2000’s. Even back then, GE was innovating software and beamformer technology. For example, the GE Vivid 3 ultrasound system was the first cardiovascular ultrasound system utilizing a PC backend for signal processing and display, which reduced cost and improved image processing. GE has continued to advance and improve their PC-based ultrasound systems like the Vivid 7, Vivid S6/S7, and Vivid E9, as well as their portable Vivid i, Vivid q, and Vivid iq ultrasound systems.

The Vivid S70, Vivid e90, and Vivid e95 ultrasound systems are the pinnacle of this PC backend innovation, and the first to be built around this new cSound architecture.


GE’s cSound platform introduces a new level of versatility, flexibility and processing power in image acquisition, reconstruction and visualization. The biggest difference being that cSound is built around a software-based beamformer instead of a strictly hardware beamformer. This helps preserve the electronic signals returned from the probe through the system electronics, which helps maintain and improve diagnostic image quality. With cSound, all of this image processing is done on the backend processor. Once the image data is acquired there, they are stored in “Local Big Data” channel memory, where the advanced image formation algorithms take place. Typically, ultrasound system beamformers are defined by a number of channels, i.e. 128-channel beamformer, etc. Now, since cSound is software-based, and not hardware-based, there are no physical restrictions on the number of channels the system can process, so there are no longer any technical limitations for the beamformer!


With the innovation of cSound, there are more advanced features and benefits available on the new GE Vivid ultrasound systems, like True Confocal Imaging (TCI) and Adaptive Contrast Enhancement (ACE). Without the limitations of a hardware-based beamformer, cSound has also improved 4D imaging. It has even advanced GE’s time-tested HDLive algorithm to function with cardiac scans and not just OB/GYN scans!


In many ways, the new cSound platform is taking the way raw data is processed to the next level. It does this by providing more information upfront for real-time processing, compared to what is available in the previous platforms with the hardware-based beamformer. As computer technology evolves, so will the processing power of the cSound platform and its imaging capabilities. GE has already updated to cSound 3.0, the latest software revision of the next-generation beamforming technology.


The latest update, Empowered. Expanded… Artificial Intelligence boasts a new array of innovative algorithms and applications to help you keep elevating your patient experience and improve diagnostic confidence. Utilizing artificial intelligence with cSound 3.0, you can gain reproducible results with advanced capabilities for quantifying heart function and ejection fraction. All so you can make every moment count with patients – seeing problems clearly and quickly, performing procedures with great precision.


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