The Story Behind the EBit 60 Release

There are times when “the customer is always right” rings so true.

In the past, many of these things have been out of our hands. When a manufacturer creates a product that we sell as new or refurbished, we really don’t have much say in its development and we’re all left to deal with its shortcomings. But in the case of the Chison EBit 60, we were lucky enough to have a company listen.

This is one of those stories.

So for those of you who like details, this is the full “extended” version of my EBit 60 review. The original review was shortened for those who just want to know the basics, not necessarily the details.

This extended version includes the final process in Chison’s release of the EBit 60. Because this is the most positive review I’ve given on a new ultrasound machine, I feel it’s important that we’re not just selling whatever makes us the most money. It’s not good business to do so, and because I am the main contact  for customers on technical support issues, I don’t want Providian selling sub-par machines.

I wanted people to know that I originally did not like the EBit 60 and we told Chison that changes had to be made before we’d consider selling it. Chison’s response and the resulting collaboration tells a great story of why we believe in this product and why we think you’ll like it, too.

So, we’re presenting two different video reviews. The traditional, short Chison EBit 60 review and this one. Some people just want the facts, others want the details. So, you now have both :-).

What Changed about the EBit

The EBit has always been a good imaging system, hopefully my review doesn’t give the impression that it was once bad and is now great. That’s not the case. The point is that on the original beta version, I felt that this system would simply compete with one of Chison’s own products: The Q9.

It didn’t offer anything “new”, and I knew we’d have a lot of issues selling this as a cardiovascular ultrasound machine. There were too many things missing that have been common issues with our customers. Things like prospective saving, difficult measurement processes, slow saving of clips, and image quality that wasn’t well-beyond what is seen on their current top product.

I spent many hours testing this system, knowing I would be the person who would have to answer to our customers. And I knew what our customers would complain about.

I wrote Chison a 7-page report outlining these issues we’d face and didn’t know what to expect from Chison.

Just one of these issues, for example, is the time it takes to save clips. Twelve seconds is not an acceptable amount of time for the machine to save a long clip. When the system was done, it was down to just under 4 seconds. For a cardiac tech saving hundreds of clips per day, this literally can save an hour a day just in saving clips. Settings were also added to make this shorter, where a system pause in saving a clip is hardly noticeable. This is huge for cardiac techs.

What ensued was a 6-month process that probably had all the Chison engineers cursing my name. But the result of their work is something that fixes all the major issues people have with shared service portable ultrasound machines in this price range. Just a few of the major items:

When I wrote the 7-page report, I did not expect Chison to respond the way they did. I just assumed they’d keep asking us to carry it and we’d sell a few here-and-there. Instead, we got something much better than any of us imagined.

And this is why we believe so much in the Chison EBit 60. We truly care about what we sell and we take our jobs very seriously. Additionally, it’s a reason why my reviews on Chison equipment are honest but generally positive. We like what they’re doing right now, and this EBit 60 is a great example of what they’re willing to do.