Who We Are

At Probo Medical, we buy, sell, and repair ultrasound probes and stock systems from industry-leading OEM’s. Our mission is to deliver the perfect probes and systems at wholesale cost to every customer, every time.

Some of our ultrasound repair team
Ultrasound sales manager Joe Feldmann
We love shipping ultrasound probes
Ultrasound electrical repair tech hard at work

Our Mission

Our job is to drive down worldwide healthcare expenses by providing low-cost equipment and repair solutions. We strive to transform lives across the globe by improving universal access to affordable healthcare.

We also believe that cost saved should equal lives saved, which is why we deliver high-quality medical equipment to customers and also donate it to where it is desperately needed in every corner of the world.

The Probo Medical Advantage

Industry Experts: Our employees have years of wide-ranging experience in the ultrasound field. Our highly qualified engineers work closely with our knowledgeable, passionate sales team to provide high-quality refurbished probes at exceptional value.

Quality and Quantity: Probo’s inventory is unmatched in terms of both quantity and quality. We have more than 7,000+ ultrasound probes and 300+ systems in stock and work diligently to ensure that each is restored to its original condition. Check out some of our ultrasound probe inventory here and ultrasound system inventory here.

Repair Specialists: Whether it’s a simple lens repair or an extensive overhaul on a TEE probe, Probo can provide a repair solution for any transducer on the market. Need a repair? Check out our loaner program that helps eliminate downtime, allowing our customers to focus on what really matters.

Our Core Values

Probo:  A Latin word for honest, decent, and virtuous. Simply put, we guarantee accountability, transparency, and 100% honesty. We under-promise and over-deliver every time.

Urgency: We believe patience is overrated. We respond to requests within minutes and beating deadlines is our trademark.

🙂 (smiley face): Yes, really. We are optimistic, pleasant, and believe it is important not to take ourselves too seriously. Who said exceptional performance has to come at a cost?

People Matter: People = YOU! The customer, the recipients of our philanthropic efforts, our employees. We believe in forming relationships in a highly transactional business, and that translates to a unique outlook on how our business impacts lives around the world.

Relational: An interconnected relationship with those around us is the heartbeat of our business. We exhibit trust and respect across departments and locations and build lifetime bonds in a highly transactional business. There are no strangers in our industry, just partners and friends.

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