Job Title: Ultrasound Transducer Evaluation Technician

Job Description: Probo Medical is hiring an Evaluation Technician based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This position will be responsible for quality testing a variety of ultrasound transducers to determine whether they meet the organization’s established functional and cosmetic standards and to determine what repairs are needed to the transducer.  The position is responsible for documenting the evaluation results, uploading all images to organization’s database, determining what path the product needs to flow through the organization, and putting the evaluation findings on to a quote form for the sales team.  The Evaluation Technician is a critical role within Probo and we are willing to extensively train the right person to be successful.

Our goal is to build a world class operations department centered by a probe repair core competency.  If you are interested in being part of a high growth company that will make a difference in people lives, have a passion for repairing things and solving issues, and strive for excellence please apply below.

Quality Technician Job Duties:

  • Evaluate ultrasound probes on ultrasound systems for imaging quality.
  • Optimize ultrasound system settings for test result accuracy.
  • Determine if Doppler color and/or CW artifacts exists with probes.
  • Interpret “First Call” diagnostic reports for quality conformance and repair needs.
  • Partial disassembly of a transducer to determine repair requirements.
  • Determine grade of ultrasound probes based on established standards.
  • Work with internal resources to determine what repairs can be accomplished.
  • Input evaluation findings and photos on to a quote form and communicate to the sales team
  • Maintain a clean and organized workspace.
  • Aid in the training of other employees on new or existing procedures.


  • Ability to interpret ultrasound images and translate issues into operational direction and documentation.
  • Electro – Mechanical knowledge
  • Ability to work within Probo’s internal MRP system (Salesforce).
  • Possess a high level of patience, attention to detail and adaptability
  • Works great in a teamwork environment
  • Possess the ability to identify quality issues and flaws…doesn’t miss the little things
  • High awareness for “sense of urgency”
  • Self-starter able to work independently without much oversight
  • Excellent oral/written communication skills
  • Photoshop Proficiency
  • Microsoft Office
  • Ability to manage difficult situations and work well with employees and customers
  • Must be able to work in timely and efficient manner to meet customer needs
  • Ability to prioritize work and effectively communicate timeline and work load.
  • Read, write and speak English fluently.


  • Technical degree and/or formal ultrasound training required
  • Electronics degree or experience preferred.
  • 2+ years working in a Quality Control and/or regulated environment preferred
  • Ultrasound experience preferred

Disclaimer:  This job description is not meant to be an all-inclusive statement of every duty and responsibility of the jobholder.  Certain features of this job are described in the above headings, but are not necessarily limited to the above written statements.  They may be subject to review.  All positions within Probo Medical may include other duties as assigned.

Probo Medical is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, creed, age, national origin, sex, sexual preference or handicap.

Please send resume and salary requirements to [email protected] to apply.

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