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Some of our ultrasound repair team
tee probe repair facility
close-up probe repair
Ultrasound electrical repair tech hard at work

TEE Probe Repair Experts in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Most of our transesophageal (TEE) ultrasound probes are repaired in-house at our 8,500-square foot facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our experienced TEE ultrasound probe repair technicians are experts in TEE probe repairs, refurbishment, and maintenance. We have repair capabilities on a wide variety of TEE probes, including but not limited to:

  • Philips 21778A S7-2t
  • Philips X7-2T for iE33
  • GE 6VT-D
  • Philips X7-2T for CX50
  • Philips S7-3T
  • Siemens V7M
  • Acuson V5MS
  • Philips 21381A T6207
  • Plus many more!

Send us an email at or fill out the form below to get your TEE ultrasound probe repaired today.

Our Tulsa, Ok facility is located at:

10205 E 61st, Suite A1
Tulsa, OK 74133

 Need A TEE Probe Repair?

Please fill out this form and we’ll be with you shortly. Thank you!