Refurbished GE Vivid E90 Cardiovascular ultrasound for sale

GE Vivid E90   

Refurbished Premium Ultrasound Machine

The refurbished GE Vivid E90 premium ultrasound machine replaces the GE Vivid E9 as its top cardiovascular ultrasound for sale. The Vivid E90  features GE’s latest technologies and advances in cardiac ultrasound. It is considered by many to be the best machine on the market.

The Vivid E90 has host of advanced features, including single crystal probes, upgraded hardware and software including an upgraded  cSound architecture.

If you’re looking for a premium cardiovascular ultrasound machine for sale or rent, it’s hard to beat the value, power and performance of the GE Vivid E90.

Key Features

The Vivid E90 has a long list of premium features for image quality, performance, and advanced technologies. This is also the same machine as the Vivid E95, save 4D capabilities.

As a replacement for the older GE Vivid E9, the Vivid E90 has upgraded hardware, more options for single crystal XDclear and XMatrix transducers, improved quantification packages, and more powerful beamforming software.

Improved ergonomics found on the refurbished Vivid E90 include a 12″ UHD LCD touchscreen, and adjustable high quality 22″ high-resolution wide screen OLED monitor.

Refurbished GE Vivid E90 Ultrasound Machine

GE Vivid E90 Ultrasound Review

Although the video on the right is of the GE Vivid E95, the only difference between the E90 and E95 is the 4D option. So all other items in the review remain true to this cardiac ultrasound machine.

Additionally, there is a fairly significant price difference between the Vivid E90 and E95, particularly due to the cost of the 4D cardiac transducer.

Between the Vivid E90 and the Philips Epiq 7, it can be a hard choice when choosing between these two high end ultrasounds. You’ll find many on each side of the fence, each with valid points about which is the best cardiovascular ultrasound machine.

Both should be considered, but often the GE can be found at a better price than the Epiq 7. However, we find that most Philips users tend to stick with Philips ultrasound machines without considering other manufacturers. The Vivid E90 should be a consideration, particularly when budget and features are concerned.

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