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GE Logiq E10 Vet


Call to configure, special pricing available 317-759-9210

The refurbished GE Logiq E10 Vet ultrasound machine marks a substantial leap forward from its highly acclaimed predecessor, the GE Logiq E9 Vet.

Although the Logiq E9 Vet set a high standard upon its release, the Logiq E10 Vet leverages cutting-edge technologies to enhance speed, penetration, image resolution, and ergonomics. Renowned for its robust security features, it has garnered popularity among IT departments worldwide.

While the Logiq E10 Vet commands a premium price tag as a top-tier ultrasound system, opting for a refurbished unit significantly reduces the cost compared to purchasing a brand-new model.

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The GE Logiq E10 Vet integrates several pivotal technologies that significantly enhance its performance and impact. Foremost among these is the “cSound Architecture,” a sophisticated amalgamation of single-crystal probes, enhanced processing power, and optimized software. Complementing this is robust cybersecurity measures, including compatibility with Windows 10, alongside artificial intelligence technology.

These cutting-edge technologies are seamlessly integrated with well-crafted software and design, resulting in heightened efficiency and workflow optimization, rendering the Logiq E10 Vet particularly well-suited for high-volume environments.

Furthermore, for specialized procedures, the E10 Vet offers a plethora of rare technologies, including contrast cardiac imaging, 4D with HDlive, contrast microvascular imaging, contrast-enhanced imaging, 3D GPS Fusion Imaging, and shared service capabilities. These advanced features cater to diverse diagnostic needs, further cementing the Logiq E10 Vet’s status as an indispensable tool in medical imaging.


After thorough evaluation, we found the refurbished GE Logiq E10 Vet to be among the top contenders in the industry.

High expectations accompany the assessment of a premium ultrasound machine, yet the Logiq E10 Vet exceeded them admirably. While creating the video, we aimed to temper our enthusiasm, although our genuine impression of the Logiq E10 Vet’s performance was nothing short of remarkable.

Right from the initial usage, it became evident that this machine fully embodies its premium status. Consistent feedback from our customers echoes our sentiments, affirming that the Logiq E10 Vet delivers exceptional image quality while significantly enhancing efficiency and confidence in diagnostic procedures.

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