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Acuson Freestyle Ultrasound Machine

Call to configure, special pricing available 317-759-9210

The Siemens Acuson Freestyle point-of-care ultrasound (POCU) machine is one of the first ultrasound machines to use wireless transducer technology, addressing the needs of those seeking a truly sterile environment. Because there are no cables, the clinician can manage the exam through the controls on the transducer. The system provides flexibility and mobility while scanning within a wireless range of up to 10 feet (three meters) from the system.

The Acuson Freestyle focuses on providing a convenient, easy-to-use ultrasound machine with good image quality for surgical environments. The transducers also operate as a wireless remote controller, where the operator can control settings and parameters via controls on the transducer, eliminating the need for contact with the ultrasound system.

Price starting at $6,100

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• High resolution 15″ LED Monitor
• Cable free wireless probe connection
• 16GB solid state flash memory
• 2 USB 2.0 ports
• Scroll memory up to 512 frames
• VGA (15 pin D-sb miniature) 1024*768, 60 Hz
• Export to USB-compatible storage media: PC-readable JPEG, MOV and XML
• Measurements: Distance, Area, Ellipse
• B-mode
• Color Flow Doppler Mode
• Spatial Compounding
• Speckle Filter

Active Probe Ports






10.5 lbs, 13.2" x 4.7" x 4.8"



Export Options



Color Doppler, Color Flow, Power Doppler, Speckle Reduction

HDD Size


Imaging Modes


Max Frame Rate (FPS)



"15"" High Resolution LED"

Monitor Resolution


PC Export Formats


Power (USA)

50/60 Hz





USB Ports


Video and Output Options




Probe Type of Array Bandwidth
Acuson C5-2 Convex 2.0-5.0 MHz
Acuson L13-5 Linear 5.0-13.0 MHz
Acuson L8-3 Linear 3.0-8.0 MHz

Designed for MSK, interventional radiology, needle guidance, and anesthesiology, the Acuson Freestyle introduces an entirely new technology to the ultrasound world. The Freestyle has good image quality and solves many of the issues and inconveniences of using a traditional console or portable ultrasound in sterile environments. Some find this as a good alternative to the Butterfly IQ subscription ultrasound machine.

Pixelformer image processing on the Freestyle provides uniform focusing throughout the image, eliminating the need to adjust focal zones on the ultrasound image.

Yes, the Acuson Freestyle has full wireless networking capabilities, however, you’ll need to let your Providian Medical representative know in advance that you’ll need the wireless and DICOM options to send your images to a PACS system or DICOM server.

“Point of Care” ultrasound machine refers to the use of ultrasound in surgery, emergency medicine, Intensive Care (ICU) and musculoskeletal care. “Point of Care” ultrasounds provide rapid diagnosis, visualization of tissue, and needle visualization for procedures at bedside.

Ultrasounds designed for needle guidance use a beam-steering technology to angle the ultrasound beam perpendicular to the needle, thereby improving on-screen visualization of the needle.

Yes, this is an ideal portable ultrasound machine for needle-guidance procedures.

You can find the Acuson Freestyle brochure below. Probo Medical has a large inventory of owner’s manuals and brochures, contact us today for more information.

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