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Toshiba Aquilion 16 CT Scanner | Probo Medical


Call to configure, special pricing available 317-759-9210

The Toshiba Aquilion 16 is a third-generation, multi-slice helical CT scanner featuring a 60 kW generator, 7.5 MHU tube, and a fastest standard gantry rotation time of 0.5 seconds. In helical mode, it is capable of acquiring 16 parallel rows of data per rotation with collimations of 16 x 0.5 mm, 16 x 1 mm, and 16 x 2 mm.

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The Toshiba Aquilion 16 has many key features including:

  • True isotropic resolution
  • High dose efficiency
  • Helical tilt
  • Exceptionally quiet operation
  • 7.5 MHU anode grounded tube
  • Real-time helical scanning
  • High-definition 3D imaging
  • ATM optical transfer eliminates brush noise
  • Raster artifact suppression protocol
  • 0.5 mm slice thickness
  • Dual LCS flat panel monitors
  • Linear induction gantry drive (no belts)
  • 72 cm gantry aperture
  • High-capacity optical disk image storage
  • ±30 degree gantry tilt
  • Dual 32-bit processors


  • “Typical” installation
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty
  • Refurbished System

Available Options & Service Plans:

  • On-site applications training
  • Discounted multi-year service agreements
  • Safe CT – A Low Dose Software Solution
  • XR-29 Solution
  • Full Service
  • PM-Only
  • T&M
  • First Call
  • Shared Risk


The Toshiba Aquilion 16 is an advanced  that offers superior image quality, low radiation exposure, versatility, patient comfort, and a user-friendly interface. With its advanced technologies and energy efficiencies, it is an excellent option for healthcare facilities looking to provide top-notch care to their patients. The Aquilion 16 CT scanner is a reliable and efficient choice for high-resolution computed tomography scans.  

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