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GE Revolution EVO


Call to configure, special pricing available 317-759-9210

Equipped with innovative features and advanced technologies, the GE Revolution EVO is designed to enhance patient care, improve efficiency, and expand diagnostic capabilities to meet high-performance clinical demands. Built on the imaging technology of the Revolution family, the EVO is equipped with innovative features and capabilities to improve diagnostic accuracy and efficiency. The Revolution EVO is ideal for healthcare professionals looking for a user-friendly interface and design to provide a comfortable experience for patients while producing high-quality images and advanced diagnostic capabilities. The system’s advanced technology allows for reduced scan times and lower radiation doses, resulting in decreased expenses for patients and healthcare providers.

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The GE Revolution EVO is equipped with the following key features:

  • Clarity Detector: Technology from across the Revolution CT line, the Clarity detector enhances image quality and diagnostic accuracy.
  • Performix 40 Plus Tube: The dual focal spot and high rotation speed of 0.35 seconds enable faster scan times and improved precision.
  • ASiR-V Technology: ASiR-V focuses on noise and object modeling to reduce artifacts, enhance low-contrast detectability, and improve image quality.
  • Smart Technologies Suite: A collection of intelligent CT tools that help achieve diagnostic confidence with lower radiation doses, ensuring better patient outcomes.
  • Smart Flow Technologies: Enables fast, hands-free patient positioning, integrated injections, real-time reconstruction, and access to advanced applications, streamlining workflow and enhancing productivity.
  • IQ Enhance Pitch Booster: Allows for rapid chest scans with high acquisition speed, reducing patient breath-holds while maintaining image quality.
  • Smart Cardiac Tools: Facilitates quick and reliable setup and performance of complex cardiac procedures in as few as five beats on the Advantage Workstation.
  • Dual-Energy Imaging: Enables back-to-back scans at two different X-ray energies for enhanced visualization and post-processing capabilities.


The GE Revolution EVO’s intelligent solutions contribute to its superior image quality, speed, and accuracy. Equipped with Smart Technologies and Dual-Energy imaging, the EVO provides expanded imaging capabilities to offer enhanced diagnostic confidence with minimal radiation exposure. Its role in facilitating cost-saving without compromising on quality or patient care enhances its value as an essential asset to healthcare facilities. The GE Revolution EVO stands out with these added benefits:

  • Improved Productivity: Streamlined workflow and access to information enhance productivity and efficiency.
  • Enhanced Diagnostic Confidence: High-quality images at lower radiation doses lead to more accurate diagnoses.
  • Advanced Applications: Access to a wide range of advanced applications directly on the console, enabling expanded diagnostic capabilities.
  • Fast and Precise Imaging: Quick scan times, hands-free positioning, and advanced image processing tools ensure efficient and precise imaging procedures.
  • Enhanced Patient Experience: Reduced scan times, shorter breath-holds, and improved image quality contribute to a more comfortable and efficient imaging experience for patients.

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