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Medison Accuvix A30 Ultrasound Transducer Guide

Refurbished accuvix a30

The Accuvix A30 ultrasound system establishes a new standard in operational convenience with the world’s first 21.5 inch LED monitor. It can handle any general imaging needs while providing more accurate images, easier operations, and effortless diagnosis. By using the Accuvix A30 transducer guide, you can better understand your system and the probes it needs for the services you want to provide.

Use the Medison Accuvix A30 ultrasound transducer guide below for reference, and when you find the ultrasound probe you need, contact us by filling out a form here or calling 866-513-8322 to find an unmatched price refurbished ultrasound systems and probes.

At Probo Medical, we buy, sell, and repair ultrasound probes and stock systems from industry-leading OEM’s.

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ManufacturerModelTypeFrequencySingle Crystal4DPart NumberCompatible Ultrasounds
SamsungC5-8Convex6.5 MHzAccuvix A30
SamsungC2-6ICConvex4.0 MHzAccuvix A30, Accuvix XG
SamsungV2-6Convex3.15 MHzYesAccuvix A30, Accuvix XG
SamsungV4-8Convex4.4 MHzAccuvix A30, Accuvix XG, WS80
SamsungV5-9Convex4.4 MHzAccuvix A30, Accuvix XG, WS80
SamsungSC1-6Convex3.2 MHzAccuvix A30, WS80
SamsungEC4-9ISEndocavity6.5 MHzAccuvix A30
SamsungVR5-9Endocavity5.96 MHzAccuvix A30, WS80
SamsungL4-7Linear3.15 MHzAccuvix A30
SamsungL5-13/50mmLinear7.5 MHzAccuvix A30
SamsungLS6-15Linear9.0 MHzAccuvix A30
SamsungL5-13ISLinear8.0 MHzAccuvix A30, Accuvix XG
SamsungL7-16ISLinear12.0 MHzAccuvix A30, Accuvix XG
SamsungCW2.0Pencil2.0 MHzAccuvix A30, Accuvix XG
SamsungCW4.0Pencil4.0 MHzAccuvix A30, Accuvix XG
SamsungCW6.0Pencil6.0 MHzAccuvix A30, s5
SamsungP2-4BASector2.7 MHzAccuvix A30, Accuvix XG