We are excited to share a customer review of our probe repair services from Justin Barbour. Justin is the creator of The Better Biomed YouTube series, and with 11,000 followers, he is able to share his journies as a Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET). In his blog videos, he covers a wide variety of medical, electrical, and biological topics. View his video review about how Probo Medical was able to help him with a unique probe repair situation!

The Better Biomed says “Thanks, Probo Medical!”

Justin had a unique ultrasound situation where he was trying to repair and replace a customer's Seimens Swift Link probe, which is a rare and very difficult cable to deal with. He took to LinkedIn and posted that he needed this probe repaired and replaced in hopes to find help with his situation. Michael Angel, Probo's North American Service Leader, responded to his post saying to give Probo a call as we are able to repair or replace most probes. Justin reached out to us over the phone and was put into contact with Brandon, our probes sales specialist. Brandon was able to help solve his probe repair and replacement issue with an instant quote and replacement unit by the end of their call.

Thank you Justin for sharing your experiances with Probo Medical. We are happy to hear that our probe experts were able to help you with your unique transducer situation.

In Need of a Probe Repair?

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