Find The Best Ultrasound Machine in 30 Seconds

Providian Medical Ultrasound Machine Finder AppNo more comparing spec sheets. No more marketing double-speak. No more confusion.

Just the facts. Just what you need.

It’s the FREE Providian Medical Ultrasound Finder App for the iPhone and iPad and Android

It took us more than 150 man hours and an insane attention to detail to make it accurate and easy.

This app makes your buying process as simple and painless as possible. In fact, you can find our top recommendations, based on YOUR specifications, in less than 30 seconds. Although it looks simple, the amount of information and specifications behind it are complex. It’s the result of our dedication in making it simple. As any developer will tell you, making things simple is requires A LOT of work.

But we did it. In 4 simple steps, you’ll find our top recommended ultrasound machine(s) for YOUR NEEDS.

It includes features you want and need, narrows your search, and links to our detailed product information and our industry-praised Expert Ultrasound Reviews.The process is simple:

Step 1: Open the App and choose the type of ultrasound for which you are looking for:

Ultrasound Finder App Providian Medical Brian Gill

In the bottom-right hand corner you can see how your results are already narrowed down. In this instance, it shows 33 recommended 2D portable ultrasound machines. For Step 2, click on “Features” along the bottom or the right-arrow in the top-right of the app screen.

Step 2: Choose the features that are most important to you, you’ll see with each click, your recommended machines are narrowed further:

Find the Best Ultrasound

Step 3: Choose the applications you want. In this case, we’ve chosen a shared service ultrasound machine, and the number of recommended systems is narrowed to 9.

Best Ultrasound Machine to buy

If you choose options with no results, you’ll get two visual cues immediately upon making the selection: The top will show you No Results Found, and the bottom-right will show that your specifications yield 0 results:

Buy Ultrasound Machine

Step 4: View your results. It will show you the top features, manufacture date and price range.

Best Ultrasound Machine App

It’s that simple. Click on “View More” to visit our webpage that includes our complete review and information on the ultrasound machine, as well as links to our Ultrasound Comparison Sheet and Price Guide.

But Wait, There’s More:

You can expand your search by clicking on one of the blue “Type” “Features” or “Applications” at the top of the menu. In this case, I’ve eliminated OB/GYN and the number of recommended machines is now 11.

Finding the Best Ultrasound Machine iPhone App

And More: Want to narrow your search? Go back to the Type, Features, or Applications page and you can narrow your search further from one of the many choices on-screen. It will not clear your results, it will expand your current search.

Best Ultrasound Machines iPhone App

Want to start fresh? Click on the Providian Medical logo at the top of the screen and it will ask if you want to continue your search or View All Equipment. If you choose View All Equipment, it will show you all of our Top Recommendations, and you can then go back to the Type, Features, and Applications to narrow your search again.

Ultrasound Machine iPhone App

Now it’s your turn! Download the free Providian Medical Ultrasound Finder app today at the App Store or Google Play and check out what we’ve done for you. There are NO STRINGS ATTACHED. It’s free for you and we won’t ask for any information unless you choose to do so through our website.

We Won’t Stop

We’re still not satisfied. We want to make it better. We have plans for releases that will link to training videos, user manuals, product sheets, and anything else that may be helpful to you after the ultrasound purchase.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Go to the iOS App Store or Google Play and check out what we’ve designed for you.