Free Ultrasound Training on the Chison ECO3 Black and White Doppler Ultrasound Machine

The Chison ECO 3 portable ultrasound machine is quickly becoming a leader in the black-and-white ultrasound market because of its image quality, PW Doppler capabilities, and competitive price.

It’s a generally user-friendly diagnostic ultrasound, but there’s more depth to the ECO3 than most black-and-white ultrasound machines. This is a complete training series that covers many things that can’t be found in the user manual, including tips on image optimization.

This is a 6-part free hands-on training series on the ECO 3. It’s important to see the first two videos to get a good understanding of the hidden menus and other important features of ultrasound imaging with the Chison ECO 3. This series is ideal for ultrasound technicians looking for a quick way to get in-depth hands-on training on this popular ultrasound machine.

Complete Chison ECO3 Training Series:

Part 1: System Overview of the Chison ECO 3
Part 2: ECO 3 Imaging
Part 3: Doppler and M-Mode on the Chison ECO 3
Part 4: Measurements and Annotations
Part 5: Exporting and Reports on the ECO 3
Part 6: Chison ECO 3 Customization and Setup

This is one of many systems in our Ultrasound Training library. Interested in purchasing or renting a Chison ultrasound machine? Call Providian Medical today at (877) 661-8224.