Using PW Doppler and M-Mode with the Chison ECO3 Ultrasound Training Part 3 of 6

This third video in the Chison ECO 3 ultrasound training series is a quick video introducing Doppler and M-Mode imaging on the ECO3.

While these modes are fairly straightforward, there are some options that aren’t necessarily obvious when using these imaging modes on the ECO3.

Be sure to view Part 1 and Part 2 of this training series to get a good foundation of how the ECO3 works and its overall workflow and imaging features.

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Transcript to the video of Using Doppler and M-Modes on the Chison ECO3 Ultrasound Machine:
For Doppler and M-Mode, let me first change my preset, which you can do during a regular exam if you want to change your imaging mode. Just hit the probe button, and you can choose a new preset. So I’ll go ahead and choose vascular. And it’s ready to go. So if I get my image, just thow something up on the screen there. I will choose this PW up here. It’s going give me my Doppler line there.
I can use angle to adjust that. And I can do press angle to do my angle correction. And you see that your angle is displayed up here. So again, you push it down and you’ll steer that whole beam. And you’ll get your angle correct right there. You can use a trackball to adjust the position of that gate, and you’ll push Enter to change the size of the gate. You click Update to enter into pulse wave Doppler mode.
Here you have your baseline, where you can adjust your baseline. The sweep speed, PRF, your pulse repetition frequency, change the scale there, your wall filter, if you want to invert it, flips upside down, and everything else would work very much the same, where you want to save images or save the entire clip or just use a portion of the clip to save. And then you go ahead and hit that save. Then you can just unfreeze and hit B to go back to regular B-Mode.
M-Mode works very much the same way. You’re just going to hit the M button. And you’re going to get your line. And it’s going to be a split screen up here. You could choose the layout to change how it appears on the screen, change your speed down here. Oddly, the lower numbers show higher speed and the higher numbers show a lower speed. Your chroma mapped to change the color, the 2D map for your M-Mode, you can see that change up here. Your grayscale– it’s just going to change the grayscale for your M-Mode. Gamma is just an overall brightness of the image. And here’s that layout again for different ways of looking at.