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Chison ECO3 Ultrasound Machine | Probo Medical

Call to configure, special pricing available 317-759-9210

The new or refurbished Chison ECO3 for sale is a black and white portable ultrasound machine and is one of the very few non-color systems that offers Pulsed Wave Doppler. This machine has advanced imaging technology at a great price which gives this system an edge in the portable black-and-white ultrasound machine market.

Price starting at $4,400

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The ECO3 provides the user with a wide range of measurement packages. This machine has packages for OB/GYN, urology, abdomen, basic cardiac, vascular, small parts, and pediatric. The ECO 3 features a rectal linear probe for urology which allows for better viewing of the prostate. It has dual probe ports and allows for easy transducer switching.

The Chison ECO3 offers great imaging technology with:

  • Multiple Compound Imaging (MCI)
  • Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRA)
  • Intelligent Zoom
  • 12-inch LED adjustable monitor

Active Probe Ports





DICOM Options

Print, Store


13 lbs, 13" x 13" x 6"



Export Options



Auto Optimization, Compound Imaging, DICOM, M-Mode, PW Doppler, Speckle Reduction, Tissue Harmonics

HDD Size


Imaging Modes


Max Cine Memory

256 Frames

Maximum Depth (cm)



"12"" LED Extra-Wide Viewing Angle"

Monitor Resolution


PC Export Formats


Power (USA)

100-240V, 50/60 Hz

Primary Applications

OB/GYN, Small Parts







USB Ports


Video and Output Options

Composite Video, Ethernet, USB, VGA



Year Built

2013– Current

Probe Type of Array Bandwidth
Chison C3-A Convex 2.5-5.0 MHz
Chison L7M-A Linear 5.3-10.0 MHz
Chison L7S-A Linear 5.3-11.0 MHz
Chison MC3-A Microconvex 2.5-5.0 MHz
Chison MC6-A Microconvex 4.5-8.0 MHz
Chison R7-A Rectal 5.0-10.0 MHz
Chison V6-A Microconvex 4.5-8.0 MHz

The Chison ECO3 is one of the best black and white portable ultrasound machines in its price range. Its good imaging quality, variety of probes, and pulsed wave Doppler allows it to be a very competitive machine. This machine should be in one of your considerations when purchasing a black and white portable machine.

Yes, there is an a VGA video output that will allow you to connect to an external monitor. A converter may be required to connect to a DVD-Recorder.

Yes, the Chison ECO3 can export images to a flash drive in PC, DICOM, or System formats.

Yes, the Chison ECO3 has full network capabilities, however, you’ll need to let your Probo Medical representative know in advance that you’ll need DICOM if you want to send your images to a PACS system or radiologist for review.

You can find the Chison ECO3 brochure below. Probo Medical has a large inventory of owner’s manuals and brochures, contact us today for more information.

Part 1 of the Chison ECO 3 ultrasound training series provides a tour of the system and understanding how it works and where important menus and imaging controls are.

While some may want to skip such an introduction, this is an important video in the training series. Subsequent videos refer to items in this part of the training. Later videos may be confusing without this base knowledge of the Chison ECO 3.

The second video in the Chison ECO 3 ultrasound training series addresses the ECO 3 ultrasound machine more in-depth than Part 1.

Starting and performing an exam is addressed, as well as saving, optimizing, cine review, dual and quad screens, and other important 2D imaging functions.

This third video in the ECO3 ultrasound training series is a quick video introducing Doppler and M-Mode imaging on the ECO3.

While these modes are fairly straightforward, there are some options that aren’t necessarily obvious when using these imaging modes on the ECO3.

Annotations and Measurements on the ECO 3 are fairly straightforward, but there are some tricks to doing certain calculations and finding other annotation and calculations libraries quickly and easily.

Some hidden features and menus can be very helpful in improving your workflow, particularly using some of its more advanced available features in using calcs and annotations.

You can export images from the Chison ECO 3 to USB or a network/DICOM/PACS system. Reporting is straightforward and can be fairly powerful as it allows you to add images easily from the patient imaging archive.

Chison ECO 3 has more powerful customization and system setup features that are quite easy to use compared to other ultrasound systems in its price range/class.

This part of the ultrasound training school shows how to save custom presets and perform in-depth customization to assist you in improving workflow and assisting in making your imaging easier.

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Chison ECO3 Ultrasound Machine - Probo Medical FAQs