Probo Medical teamed up with Build-A-Bike to host a bicycle team-building event that benefits charity by donating free bikes to kids. Three Probo locations took part in this event and built 22 bikes together. Employees at each facility had to solve puzzles to earn bike parts and once a group has all of the parts, they can assemble the bike as a whole. After the bikes were built, the children visited each facility, accompanied by an organization representative, to receive their bikes.

build a bike probo

Ashley Martin, Probo Medical's Marketing Operations Manager, who helped launch this event provided the following quote about the team bonding experience. "The Build-A-Bike event turned out to be a huge success. It was great to see everyone working together and smiling while building the bikes, almost as if they were children again. I think some were hesitant at first, but eventually, everyone had a great time. Knowing that the event served a good purpose made it even more enjoyable".

This team bonding experience brought together our employees to think critically and problem-solve to win bike parts. The teams had a great time competing with each other in reaching their goals and completing the challenges. The best part of the Build-A-Bike experience was giving the bikes to children from the local children’s charity and seeing their joy as they received new bikes.