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Cardiology Equipment & Solutions

Probo Medical offers a wide range of cardiac medical equipment and services
Hands of ultrasound diagnostic doctor holding heart near ultrasound scanning diagnostic equipment

Through the acquisition of Davis Medical Electronics, Probo Medical can now offer a wider range of cardiology products and services

Your Premier Provider for Cardiac Medical Equipment

As the number one source for cardiac solutions, you can rely on our experience and expertise to guide your cardiac practice in the right direction. We have a large inventory of cardiac equipment and supplies, ranging from large equipment such as ultrasound, ECG, Stress testing, ABI and Holter to small supplies such as electrodes, ECG paper and clips. We carry all the top brands for equipment and supplies such as: GE, Philips, SunTech, Conmed, Kendall, Newman Medical and more.

surgeon keeping track of vital functions of the body during cardiac surgery. Surgeon looking at medical monitor during surgery. Doctor checking monitor for patient health status.
Cardiac doctor patient checkup

Certified Holter Scanning Technical Support

Our staff has experience with all types cardiac equipment solutions to help our customers through step by step support.

  • Certified cardiac technicians (CCT through CCI)
  • Medicare Certified IDTF
  • Experienced IT support
  • Low cost of supplies
  • Customizable reporting
  • 24 hour, 48 hour, and 7 day Holter recorders available