GE’s Voluson line is arguably the most popular women’s health ultrasound system line on the market. Traveling all the way back to the release of the GE Voluson 730, GE’s Voluson line has stood for high-quality imaging, innovation, and speed. The current GE Voluson Expert series is no different. With the current line of BT16 and newer Voluson E6, E8, and E10 you can expect world-class imaging at high speeds from each model. You can even 3D print from the newest Voluson systems! And to the naked eye, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between these systems from the outside. Therefore, how do you know which GE Voluson system is for you? What are the main differences between the E6, E8, and E10? And, how do you choose between the three?


The GE Voluson E6 is your entry-level system in GE’s Voluson Expert Series line. It’s a great system if you want powerful Women’s health system with HDLive and the image rendering capabilities that the Voluson line is known for. You’ll love the ergonomic design, which is shared by each system in the Expert-Series line. The workflow is designed to help sonographers capture images quickly and efficiently. The most significant difference you’ll notice between the Voluson E6 and its counterparts, other than the price, is that the E6 is a feature-reduced version that only comes with the standard package. It will still deliver a superior image, but you’ll miss some of the bells and whistles like:

  • HDLive Silhouette
  • HDLive Flow
  • Advanced STIC

However, you will still get the standard applications that the Voluson is known for like:

  • Standard HDLive
  • Standard STIC
  • Advanced VCI
  • SonoBiometry
  • Anatomical M-Mode
  • Tricefy Inside

As mentioned previously, the E6 is the entry-level system, whereas the GE Voluson E8 is the standard for women’s health ultrasound and arguably the most popular women’s health system on the market.

ge voluson e6


GE’s Voluson E8 is the flagship OB/GYN ultrasound system that GE offers. It’s arguably the most popular Women’s Health ultrasound system on the market. It has the same workflow, applications, and overall appearance as the E6 BT16, but has more processing power. Which allows you to render images quicker. It also has a few more bells and whistles including:

  • HDLive Silhouette
  • HDLive Flow
  • Advanced STIC

It’s the standard in women’s health ultrasound systems, and no other manufacturer has been able to come close to reproducing the advanced HDLive 3D/4D imaging solution. It has everything any women’s health physician would need for performing women’s health exams. However, unlike the Voluson E10, it’s standard applications are only specific to Women’s Health. With the Voluson E10 BT16, you will be able to perform more applications and have advanced imaging capabilities.

voluson e8 for sale


The GE Voluson E10 BT16 is the Premium Women’s Health ultrasound system from GE. This ultrasound system allows you to transfer data 10x faster with 4x the processing power.  Like the E6 and the E8, the E10 comes standard with the flagship Voluson applications like:

  • HDLive, HDLive Silhouette, and HDLive Flow
  • SonoBiometry, SonoAVC follicle, SonoVCAD heart
  • Advanced STIC and eSTIC
  • Anatomical M-Mode
  • Tricefy Inside

However, the E10 BT16 comes with even more features to help any physician perform exams that go beyond strictly Women’s Health applications, like:

  • Bi-Plane Mode
  • Steerable CW
  • Advanced Fetal Echo
  • Elastography
  • Elastography Analysis
  • Elastography Ratio Measurement
  • High-Performance Transvaginal Probe

With the E10 BT16, you can even utilize GE’s newest eM6c 4D Volume Probe that can achieve resolution and volume rates up to 16x higher than the standard 3d/4d volume probes available on the E6 and E8. With the Voluson E10, you’ll have the imaging power to you need to scan patients thoroughly, quickly, and efficiently. The E10 is made for environments that could see a variety of patients with a variety of health needs that need answers to their complex issues quickly.

Voluson e10 for sale

With Voluson, You Can’t Go Wrong

Regardless of which Voluson system you decide to purchase, the difference is up to you, and you won’t regret your decision. The image quality that GE’s Women’s Health ultrasound system provides is second-to-none. Even if you decide to purchase a Voluson P-Series or S-Series ultrasound system, you’ll still be able to take advantage of GE’s advanced 3D/4D imaging. GE Voluson is the excellence you demand when your patients need trust and expertise when it matters most. Click on the link below to get your quote for a GE Voluson Expert-Series system today!