The Newest Advanced OB/GYN Ultrasound

mindray imagyn I9 probo

Through Probo Medical's authorized distributorship with Mindray, we are excited to announce that the newly released Mindray Imagyn I9 is in stock at our Tampa facility and is available to be shipped to you! The Mindray Imagyn I9 high-end women's health ultrasound machine also comes with a fully covered 5-year warranty.

Our expert staff has reviewed this ultrasound machine and rated it with high marks as a high-end system due to its outstanding image quality and ergonomics. In regard to delivering outstanding ergonomics, the Imagyn's full space, floating iconsole intelligent control panel makes scanning patients during exams seamless as it is easy to quickly and conveniently reposition, making for unlimited scanning flexibility. With its 5 conveniently placed port locations that save you time bending down to switch out probes and its 2-hour battery life for continuous scanning, the Imagyn will cut your exam time in half. Coupled with its advanced ergonomics, the Imagyn delivers superior image quality and is ranked high with our experts as it delivers excellent 3D/4D images and clear, crisp images through its single crystal probe options.

Mindray's new Imagyn I9 was created to be an advanced, high-end OB/GYN ultrasound machine that is comparable to other high-end OB ultrasound systems, such as the GE Voluson line. If you're looking to make the switch from religiously using the GE Voluson line, the Imagyn I9 competes directly with this advanced OB system as it excels in its 3D/4D features and fetal face pictures. The Mindray Imagyn I9 is also equipped with all the latest smart technology, including Windows 10-based technology for added cybersecurity measures and Zone Sonography Technology (ZST). Its artificial technology capabilities will optimize your productivity and increase user confidence with its intelligent design.

Request a demonstration from our team of highly experienced ultrasound professionals of the Mindray Imagyn I9. Be one of the first to experience the newest high-end OB/GYN ultrasound machine on the market today!


Mindray Imagyn I9