Free Online training for the A6 black-and-white portable ultrasound machine

Today we are starting another video training series on another one of our most popular ultrasound machines: the SonoScape A6. This has become a best-selling unit for us, and we’re providing this free training for our users as an alternative to expensive applications training.

We’re aware that the SonoScape A6 user manual isn’t tremendously friendly, and this covers most of what is found in the manual, as well as some things that aren’t covered. This is a 6-part series on the A6. While you may choose to only view these singularly, it’s best to go through the entire series because each session builds on the previous lesson.

Here are the links to the complete SonoScape A6 training series: 

Part 1: Getting Around the SonoScape A6
Part 2: System Setup and Customization
Part 3: 2D Imaging, Controls, and Functions
Part 4: Measurements and Calculations
Part 5: Image Optimization and Custom Presets
Part 6: Saving Images, Reports, and Exporting

The training is completely free, I hope you find it helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments by submitting a comment below.

For a complete listing of all Providian Medical’s free ultrasound training, check out our Ultrasound Equipment Training page.