SonoScape A6 Training Part 5 of 6: Optimizing your image

SonoScape A6 Black and White Portable Ultrasound Machine One of the more overlooked, yet very important parts about using your ultrasound is image optimization. This part shows how to use the various controls and options to get the best image from your SonoScape A6 black and white ultrasound machine. Once optimized, this free video will also show you how to save your custom preset so your system will remember your custom settings.

For more information and in-depth information on ultrasound image optimization, see our three-part series on ultrasound image optimization.

Links to other parts of this training series are found below the video. For a complete listing of all our free training videos, check out our Ultrasound Equipment Training page.

Part 1: Getting Around the SonoScape A6
Part 2: System Setup and Customization
Part 3: 2D Imaging, Controls, and Functions
Part 4: Measurements and Calculations
Part 5: Image Optimization and Custom Presets
Part 6: Saving Images, Reports, and Exporting

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