Part 6 of 6, SonoScape A6 Portable Ultrasound Machine Training

The final portion of our training on the SonoScape A6 covers saving images, clips as well as creating/saving reports and exporting images, clips and ultrasound reports. The process of exporting images on the SonoScape A6 can be a difficult process, and this video will help make sense of the export and file management screens.

Links to other parts of this training series are found below the video. For a complete listing of all our free training videos, check out our Ultrasound Equipment Training page.

Complete SonoScape A6 Training Series:

Part 1: Getting Around the SonoScape A6
Part 2: System Setup and Customization
Part 3: 2D Imaging, Controls, and Functions
Part 4: Measurements and Calculations
Part 5: Image Optimization and Custom Presets
Part 6: Saving Images, Reports, and Exporting