Part 7 of 8: Chison Q5 ultrasound training; Exam Review, Exporting and reports

This portion of the Chison Q5 Ultrasound Training Series deals with reviewing your exams images, reporting, and how to export images and loops to various formats on the Chison Q5 ultrasound machine.

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Chison Q5 Ultrasound Training Series:

Part 1: Introduction and System tour of the Chison Q5
Part 2: Getting Started with the Q5
Part 3: Chison Q5 Imaging and Image Optimization
Part 4: PW/Color Doppler and M-Mode
Part 5: Annotations, Measurements & Analysis
Part 6: Saving Images, Clips and Cine Review
Part 7: Exam Review, Reports, and Export
Part 8: Utilities, System Settings, Customization, and Presets

Transcript to Chison Q5 Training: Exam Review, Export and Report

Now if I want to review images from this exam or any previous exam, you can start by clicking on this Archive button here. This shows me the images from this current exam, shown here. From here, you can get information about the patient, go to a report which we’ll get to in a moment.

Export, Review, Delete or continue the exam. We’ll start by showing what we can do with the images. First, in the bottom left hand corner, we have P and S. These stand for Play and Stop. If I click P, it shows me the Cine Loop Review that we’ve saved. This is the first one that didn’t have much in it. I’ll choose something better.

I’ll click the S. And it stopped. I’ll hit Play here. And this shows that Cine clip that I saved which was a portion of this one. I could pause, take a look or I could hit Stop and it takes me back to the first frame.

To export these images, I click and choose which ones I’d like to export. Down here, these icons become highlighted. Here we have two demo. There’s a demo mode in this where this image would be a part of it where if you wanted to display something in a show or something of that sort, in a talk you put that in the Demo Reel. That’s beyond the scope of this training.

This would send it to a printer from a PC, like a standard report printer. This would send these two images to a DICOM PACS system. Here, with the printer this sends to a DICOM printer and notice as I highlight it, a little Help Menu comes up, tells you what it is that you’re doing. This allows me to export to various formats. Here’s a Trashcan to delete. I can also select all the images or select None. You could go ahead and Select All and I’ll click on the Save button and show you what happens from here.

But first, I must insert a USB drive. And with that answered, I can go ahead and click on the disk icon, and it brings up my removable media and I can save it to various image formats. I have bitmap, JPEG, DICOM, PNG and TIFF files. I’ve selected the format I want to export to. I’ll click JPEG, choose a folder– I’m just choosing the root directory. I can also save the Cine loops that are in an AVI format which I’ll go ahead and do. And Export Report, when we create a report it would export that in PDF. Go ahead and click Export, and there we have it done.

Now let’s choose a report. This little document icon right here takes us to the report page. Here we show the full report and the measurements that I took. We can edit the measurements by clicking on Edit. You would simply type in this box and it will edit the report, patient information, click Exit, and clear the measurements, show a graph or something like an OB report.

You can also create templates. That’s beyond the scope of this training but there are templates that you can choose for different reports. Right now, it’s not going to show any. I don’t have any saved. I can also add images to the report by clicking on them and they will show up in that report there. Now I have images added to my report.

I can save, print if I have a report printer hooked up. But Save will save it in that patient file. It shows here that it’s saved on to the USB drive that I showed before. If I want to preview the report, I click Preview. It pulls up and shows me what it will look like. This is how it will appear on a printed piece of paper.