Free Ultrasound Video Training series on the Chison Q5 Ultrasound

Chison Q5 Free Video Training Knobology This free video training series was created for the human version of the Chison Q5, but the series also applies to the Chison Q5 vet, as most functions will be the same, save presets and calc packages.

The series is designed to provide an introduction to the features and general usage of the Chison Q5 portable ultrasound machine.

This is an 8-part video training series. Here are the links to the entire series:

Part 1: Introduction and System tour of the Chison Q5
Part 2: Getting Started with the Q5
Part 3: Chison Q5 Imaging and Image Optimization
Part 4: PW/Color Doppler and M-Mode
Part 5: Annotations, Measurements & Analysis
Part 6: Saving Images, Clips and Cine Review
Part 7: Exam Review, Reports, and Export
Part 8: Utilities, System Settings, Customization, and Presets

For a complete listing of all of Providian Medical’s free ultrasound training, check out our Ultrasound Equipment Training page.

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